By Sameeta Nanjiani

In November 2020 our school hosted its second online Teacher’s Reunion, which was a huge bumper success. After the exciting first online Reunion in July, it was commonly voted that we have the next Reunion online in November. This is the first time we have ever had two reunions in the same year. The idea was to select India as a location and bring in the energies of the Himalayas. From the suggestions by Diana & the Reunion team, it was felt strongly that “Kashmir” should be the theme for India.

I meditated on this idea further, and the first insight I was given was by Ascended Master Kuthumi. His etheric retreat is in Kashmir which I have visited in 2017, came into my vision and the other portal of light that came was Varanasi with its powerful Shiva – Shakti energies.

A wonderful team of teachers in India came together to bring life to these ideas and play the key roles in being the purest channel for bringing down these energies. The divine Masters also gave us the insight to work on the theme and bring the energy of not just Kashmir but to also work on the important energy portals of India, which will create powerful activation during the event. Master Kuthumi also revealed that along with Kashmir as the main portal for North India and there will be other points of light that will emerge in the East/ West/ South and the center part of India as we would work along as a team.

Over the next four months, the team of Indian teachers worked in harmony and each of them chose those parts of India where they would create the portal of light for all and began to anchor these powerful energies. Each teacher came up with the unique activities that the Masters guided them to conduct for the group.

  • Asha was holding the light from West of India, bringing the energy of Lord Ganesha
  • Mamta was holding the light from the North of India, bringing energies from the Himalayas, especially the Pangong lake in Ladakh, Kailash Mansarovar in Tibet, and Kedarnath.
  • Meghaa from East anchored the Divine feminine energies of Goddess Kali and Durga through Calcutta which also happens to be a dragon portal of Master El Morya
  • Manjula was holding the South part of India bringing in the ancient energies of the Lemuria that still exist in the southern part of India.
  • Finally, Juthika and Harpreet created the portal for central India at Varanasi. They brought the balancing energies of Shiva and Shakti, as Masculine – feminine energy
  • Poonam gave us a beautiful introduction and a tour of India’s rich heritage and culture.

It was amazing to see all the teachers of our school and Diana enjoy the reunion day and the videos thoroughly. It was a great experience to work together as a team and deep gratitude to the Divine Masters for their guidance in planning this reunion, to Diana for the magical meditation, and the wonderful team of Indian teachers for bringing their wisdom to us all and of course to Harpreet for all the technical help he provided to us.