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Angels MT, Ascension MT, Golden Atlantis MT, Unicorns, Transform Your Life MT
Pune, Maharashtra

Poonam Makar is a Master Teacher with the Diana Cooper School of White Light. She conducts teacher training in Angels, Ascension, Golden Atlantis and Transform your Life. She also holds several short workshops on Angels, Unicorns, Golden Atlantis, and Transform your Life. The training and workshops are conducted both in person and online on zoom or Skype.

Founder of Celebrating your Divinity™, Poonam is dedicated to the awakening of consciousness, ascension, and the fulfillment of planetary evolution. She teaches courses designed to usher in the New Golden Age and works with individuals both nationally and internationally. She offers angelic guidance, spiritual counseling, healing, and workshops that empower people to celebrate the amazing divine beings with infinite potential and limitless power that they truly are!

In her teens, Poonam read Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda and had a divine encounter with him. This is when she started her spiritual journey. The desire to know more about the universal laws that uplift people led her to do an MA in Applied Psychology. After having understood the limitations of traditional psychology, Poonam embarked on the quest for the truth that led her to travel far and wide across the globe and work with many masters.

Poonam believes that we are not here by chance. We all have a divine purpose and the moment we are in tune with it, our life becomes a celebration! As we awaken, we fill our lives with more peace, love, joy, and abundance.