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Archangel Michael Invocations

Archangel Michael and His Invocations Contributed by our Master Teacher Meghaa Gupta Archangel Michael, is the patron angel of protection strength, truth & power aspect of God. Often people start connecting with Him and feel [...]

Lessons from Ancient Cultures

by Diana Cooper   Many years ago I travelled in Australia, where I explored the Aborigine culture and wisdom.  I now believe they hold the keys to the future of the planet and that it [...]

Diana in Zürich September 2019

Diana in Zürich 28th – 29th September 2019 Teacher Impressions from the Seminar Kerstin Joost, Switzerland The workshop with Diana in Zürich was Incredibly special for me. It was my first time on stage with [...]

Holding the Light of your Country

With Lord Sanat Kumara and the Principalities A Meditation shared by Asha Doshi Relax, and breathe deeply and evenly, focusing your mind on your breath. Notice your body as you relax, and consciously allow each [...]