Full Moon Meditations

These meditations are contributed by our Graduates.

This all helps to raise our individual Light, and brings us together as a School. Please join us to help raise your own Light.

You may also use them at any time to help raise your light and enjoy the wonderful frequencies. 

Full Moon Meditation – 19th November 2021

Download the PDF FULL MOON MEDITATION – November 19th, 2021 A Journey to Release Whatever You Feel Stuck With and to Infuse and Anchor Light, Abundance, and Love in Your Energy [...]

Full Moon Meditation – 22 August 2021

Download the PDF Scarica il PDF 🇮🇹 Full Moon Meditation - 22nd August 2021 A Journey to Fill your Heart with your Soul Purpose and Plant the Seed in Mother [...]

Full Moon Meditation – 23 July 2021

Download the PDF Full Moon Meditation - 23rd July 2021 A Journey to the Hollow Earth Portal with the Dragons of Lemuria, Golden Atlantis and Angel Dolphins. Purpose: To rediscover your [...]

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