Full Moon Meditations

These meditations are contributed by our Graduates.

This all helps to raise our individual Light, and brings us together as a School. Please join us to help raise your own Light.

You may also use them at any time to help raise your light and enjoy the wonderful frequencies. 

Wesak Full moon Legend and Significance

Wesak Full moon - the Legend, its Significance & your participation by Meghaa Gupta, Master Teacher Wesak is the most powerful of all full moon of the entire year. The Full moon of Taurus, which [...]

Full Moon Meditation- April 27th, 2021

Full Moon Meditation- April 27th, 2021 A Magical Journey with the Silver Dragon to Visit the Elementals 1.Make yourself comfortable wherever you are, and take four deep breaths until you’re fully relaxed. 2.Close now your [...]

28th March 2021 – Full Moon Meditation

Download the PDF Scarica il PDF 🇮🇹 Full Moon Meditation - March 28th, 2021  A Journey to Heal and Open your Heart with Archangel Chamuel, Angels of Love and [...]