Full Moon Meditations

These meditations are contributed by our Graduates.

This all helps to raise our individual Light, and brings us together as a School. Please join us to help raise your own Light.

You may also use them at any time to help raise your light and enjoy the wonderful frequencies. 

Full Moon Meditation – November 8th 2022

Energise and recharge your body in the light of the Full Moon (Beaver Moon) A visit to bathe in the beautiful shimmering, shining, and radiating energies of the Full Moon, an opportunity to release emotions and worries into the waves and sand. By Natalie Edwards

Full Moon Meditation – October 10th 2022

Full Moon Meditation – October 10th 2022 A Journey with Fire, Air, Water and Earth Dragons to Release Old Karmic Patterns and Emotional Blockages Find a quiet comfortable space.Sit straight and uncross your legs [...]

Full Moon Mediation –14 June 14 2022

A Journey to Balance the Feminine and Masculine Energies with the Alpha and Omega DragonsAlpha DragonHarnesses the divine masculine power of Creation.Destroys the old and helps to manifest a new world.Omega DragonHarnesses the divine feminine [...]