Message from Diana

Diana Cooper
The Diana Cooper School of White Light is a well established and comprehensive spiritual teaching school. We have founded our courses on excellence and our aim is always to act in a fifth dimensional way.

Many dedicated Master Teachers have given their time and energy to updating our spiritual courses as well as adding new and fascinating ones to the curriculum. Our School has been a wonderful example of a co-operative vision. Together we are creating a template for the new Golden Age and I am extremely proud of our School.

We have constantly worked with the angels and they have always blessed our work and directed us to parts of the world where we are needed. Our teachers have also undertaken missions in the inner planes that have greatly assisted our planet.

Archangel Metatron, Lord Melchizedek, Mother Mary and the great Lord Kumeka have guided and overlit us and they tell us that our School has a very important role in the cosmic plan to bring the planet to ascension. Before we changed our name from Foundation to the School of White Light, I was meditating when I was taken into the Illumined realms to the retreat of the Great White Brotherhood. I was shown that we as a School were now fully connected to the White Brotherhoods and would be allowed to carry their light in our name. It feels a huge honour and the frequency of the School has risen enormously since that moment.

As the Founder of the Diana Cooper School of White Light I am delighted that it is now being spearheaded by wise and enlightened people in our Principal Teachers. They are inspiring many to join us and to help spread the light, while a dedicated team of light workers are generously and freely offering support and assistance.

If you wish to be a spiritual teacher or a spreader of light please consider training with the Diana Cooper School of White Light. We welcome you and promise you a very solid foundation so that you can do your part to spread the light of the angels and help the planet to ascension.

With Love and Blessings

Diana Cooper