Angel Awareness Day

Angel Awareness day was established by Diana Cooper in 2006. Her aim was for people all over the world to unite in celebrating the wonder of connecting with the Angelic realms. As we all connect with the Angels a great light is created. This light spreads around the world, raising the consciousness of the planet . Each year, teachers of the School all over the world continue to run workshops on Angel Awareness Day to uphold this vision.

During these events people from all nationalities and religions have discovered the joy and power of working with Angels.

There is a specific theme each year, for example Healing with Angels. During the day there is always one special visualisation that every group performs, connecting together energetically, wherever they are on the globe.

You are warmly invited to join an Angel Awareness Day event and share in the joy of working with Angels.

Below you find workshops for Diana Cooper School of White Light annual Angel Awareness Day.

Angel Awareness Day workshops