The School Structure


Diana Cooper
Diana CooperFounder

Principal Teachers

Principal Teachers are graduates who have dedicated time and commitment to the running of the School. They have assisted in creating the courses that are taught by the School.  Among their roles is the training of new Master Teachers.

Principal Teachers are experienced Master Teachers who have shown dedication to the Diana Cooper School of White Light over a number of years.  Their role is pro active – to oversee all aspects of the development of the Diana Cooper School of White Light for the greater good of all the membership, and future students. They maintain the high standards of the Diana Cooper School of White Light from the development of new courses, the teaching of and updating of existing courses, and the promotion of the Diana Cooper School of White Light. One of the primary roles of the Principal Teachers is to connect with Master Teachers and support them.

Carol De Vasconcelos
Carol De VasconcelosSouth Africa
Franziska Siragusa
Franziska SiragusaItaly
Sameeta Nanjiani
Sameeta NanjianiIndia

Master Teachers

Master Teachers are graduates of the School courses who have run many workshops and events. They have a particular dedication and commitment to the School’s vision and they take further training in order to become Master Teachers to be able to train new teachers to run workshops and seminars worldwide.


Graduate Teachers

Will have successfully completed one or more of the teacher training courses offered by the School; Angels, Animal World, Ascension, Dragons, Golden Atlantis, Golden Future, Keys to the Universe, Lemurian Planetary Healing, Nature World, Transform Your Life, Towards 2032 or Unicorns. They have received a certificate as a graduate teacher qualified to lead workshops, teachings circles and events.

Council of Divine Light

The Council of Divine Light is the decision making body for the School, working together in unity and co-operation to ensure our decisions are for the highest good of the planet and its Ascension.