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Our aim is to inspire you, give you tools for your spiritual path and for your life, fill you with self confidence, wisdom and courage so that you may live in light and spread it to others, enabling us all to live and work peacefully together, with inner clarity and unconditional love for all life on Earth.

With The Diana Cooper School of White Light you can…

…become a Qualified Teacher with the Diana Cooper School of White light to enhance your personal development or healing work or to spread the light as a spiritual teacher.
Our Teachers and Master Teachers throughout the world offer you workshops and courses which will give you inspiration, wisdom, knowledge and different tools to use on your way to the new Golden Age.

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Our Master Teachers offer Teacher Training programmes in many parts of the world.

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Our qualified Teachers offer a wide range of workshops all over the world or online. Workshops are based on the teachings of the Diana Cooper School of White Light, although there are also workshops based on each teacher’s unique skills and knowledge.
Personal Development enables you to go further on your spiritual path with our Teachers.


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Online workshops

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