Archangel Michael and His Invocations

Contributed by our Master Teacher Meghaa Gupta

Archangel Michael, is the patron angel of protection strength, truth & power aspect of God. Often people start connecting with Him and feel His protective presence when they begin to connect with Angels. He guides all souls on the path to God, by enfolding them in His protective embrace. Especially those whose life purpose involves helping others, bring truth to the surface or bringing the Light of God to others.

His name means ‘He who looks like God’. Often when you invoke for Archangel Michael’s protection, you may become aware of the temperature of the room changing, a sense of strength within or even warm feeling. Here are two powerful invocations of Archangel Michael for you below.


Invocation for Self:

“Archangel Michael behind me,

Archangel Michael in front of me,

Archangel Michael to my right,

Archangel Michael to my left,

Archangel Michael above me,

Archangel Michael below me,

From all eight directions and below,

Archangel Michael is protecting me right now.” 


You can invoke to Archangel Michael:

  • when you need your energies to be protected from outside influences
  • invoke for His protection around your house, belongings, vehicles
  • when children are leaving for school or any activities
  • when you need to speak up and need strength to do so
  • when you are feeling low, or feeling overpowered by people, emotions
  • when you are experiencing blocks
  • and as you feel you need His protection


Invocation to dissolve blockages:

“Dear God, Archangel Michael and His band of Mercy, I the soul now call upon your presence and help right now. Please help me in this situation regarding___________. Please blaze your Divine Light through us and let the power and purity of God work with us. Thank you for lifting away all the visible and invisible blockages and transform them into favorable circumstance for us all in this situation right now. All that we need to make this situation a great success be provided to us easily, rapidly and properly. Thank you for manifesting the Highest good through this situation, with Archangel Michael’s protection and guidance, So be it. Amen. Om.”


Contributed by our Master Teacher Meghaa Gupta