Golden Atlantis Teacher Training

Golden Atlantis Teacher Training

The Golden Age of Atlantis was an extraordinary time when the spiritual energy was the highest it has ever been in the history of our planet. It was the nearest to Heaven on Earth that we have had the opportunity to experience.

People glowed with light and happiness; lived joyously in total harmony with each other and nature. They developed amazing spiritual, psychic and technological powers and had a clear connection with the Divine.
The Golden Atlantis Teacher Training Programme is based on Diana Cooper’s highly successful book Discover Atlantis.

Message from Diana Cooper

‘At last the time is right for the energy, wisdom and healing techniques of Golden Atlantis to return and the Angels of Atlantis have asked us to spread this knowledge through our School. There is much exciting and important work ahead and your unique light is needed. I invite you to join the Golden Atlantis Training Course where we will co-operate as a team to take the sacred information into the world.’

The Purpose of this Teacher Training course is:

  • Help you reclaim your amazing talents, psychic and spiritual gifts
  • Bring wisdom, power and enlightenment into your own life and the lives of others
  • Give you a variety of exercises to use in your workshops to enable you to connect to the Angels and High Priests and Priestesses of Golden Atlantis
  • Empower you to run your own Golden Atlantis workshops and programmes and spread this knowledge and wisdom to others
  • Provide an opportunity for personal development and advancement on your spiritual journey
  • Empower you with the confidence skills and expertise to organise and facilitate a talk, group, workshop or retreat, to lead meditations and facilitate one-to-one sessions in a professional manner.

Golden Atlantis Teacher Training Prospectus

  • Do you have a passion to spread the light?
  • Are you ready to raise the consciousness of our planet?
  • Do you feel inspired to help others reclaim their wisdom and knowledge from the age of Golden Atlantis?

Course Aim

This Teacher Training Course will empower you to develop and run your own Golden Atlantis Workshops and Programmes.

Golden Atlantis Background and Philosophy

This Teacher Training Programme is based on Diana Cooper’s highly successful book Discover Atlantis and has been written and developed by Diana with the help of Master Teachers from the School.

Golden Atlantis was a period in history where people:

  • Lived in total harmony with each other and nature
  • Maintained their connection with the Divine
  • Developed amazing spiritual, psychic and technological powers

The purpose of Diana’s book and this Teacher Training Programme is to bring wisdom, power and enlightenment into your life and the lives of others.

The time to do this is NOW.

What are the benefits of attending this course?

Personal Benefits

The course will enable you to:

  • Open your heart and live in the 5th dimensional energies of love, joy and harmony
  • Bring forward the new energies in preparation for 2032
  • Have a greater understanding of Golden Atlantis and how people lived
  • Expand your light body
  • Develop your natural psychic abilities
  • Fulfil your life’s mission
  • Develop the confidence to share your skills with others

Teaching Outcomes

The course will enable you to:

  • Lead your own Golden Atlantis Workshops
  • Create and manage a safe teaching and learning environment
  • Develop and use a broad range of spiritual teachings and activities
  • Tailor programmes and activities to suit the specific needs of groups and individuals
  • Relate the wisdom and knowledge of Golden Atlantis to the experiences of your own groups
  • Honour and develop your own unique learning and teaching style
  • Register and become a professional Member of the Diana Cooper School of White LIght

Prior Knowledge/Experience

The School honours and recognises the potential within everyone; therefore all applications will be considered on merit. We would prefer our teachers to have experience of running workshops or a background in the healing arts
You are expected to be mentally and emotionally stable and be responsible for your own actions and behaviours at all times.

The Application Form helps us to assess the suitability of our potential teachers, therefore it is vital that the information you provide is as comprehensive as possible.

Golden Atlantis Course Content

Teacher Training Module Content (20 teaching hours)

  • Give you the expertise and skills to facilitate a group or workshop in a professional manner
  • Empower you with the confidence to organise and run workshops
  • Enable you to help and support both groups and individual clients
  • Give you a comprehensive framework for delivering Golden Atlantis workshops

Personal development and preparation

  • On being yourself
  • Personal preparation to become a teacher with the DCSWL
  • Voice and communication skills

Learning and teaching skills

  • Preparation to teach and manage workshops
  • Presentation skills
  • Training aids
  • Learning skills
  • Memory
  • Group energy and listening
  • Managing disruptive behaviour

Creating a safe environment

  • The teacher and the teaching space
  • Confidentiality and safe sharing
  • Grounding
  • Protection
  • Processing

Preparing meditations and visualisations

  • What are meditations and visualisations?
  • Leading a group visualisation
  • Opening and closing group sessions

Setting up activities

  • Drawing symbols/pictures
  • Ritual and ceremony

The twelve chakra system

  • Where are the twelve chakras?
  • Cleansing and strengthening the twelve chakras
  • Exercises to activate and integrate the twelve chakras

Preparing and running workshops

  • Insurance
  • Administration for a workshop
  • Peer support

Preparing a workshop programme

Individual Study:
prepare short exercises and talks to give to small groups or to the whole group.  You will be presented with full notes, so that the sessions will be predominately used to practise the techniques and thereby gain confidence and empowerment. The chakra exercises are an integral part of our work.  Students are expected to become proficient in them and lead part of the exercises throughout the training programme

Atlantis Module Content (40 teaching hours)

2032 – Your role helping to bring in the New Golden Age

  • Prophecies about 2032
  • Assistance we are being offered as the energies change
  • Your role in the plan
  • Exercises to help prepare yourself for living at a higher frequency

History and Society of Atlantis

  • The establishment of Atlantis, its location, temples, sphinx etc
  • Society in Atlantean times including: marriage, family life, creativity, connection with nature
  • The 12 tribes and associated leaders
  • Exercises to help bring Atlantean spirituality into your daily life
  • How Atlanteans maintained their purity
  • Exercises to help you maintain your purity
  • Exercises for self-nurturing and connecting with nature
  • Full moon releasing visualisation

The 12 Chakra System

  • Information about the 12-chakra system
  • Breathing and visualisations to activate and integrate the 12 chakras into your being
  • Exercises to enhance these chakras

High Priests and Priestesses

  • Details of the 12 original High Priests and Priestesses e.g. Thoth, Sett etc. Their training, roles and powers
  • Exercises and visualisations to connect with these beings of light
  • Manifestation visualisation with the High Priests and Priestesses

Healing in Atlantis

  • Temples of healing, sound, light, colour and crystals
  • Healing with the High Priests and Priestesses of Atlantis
  • Basic crystal healing

Psychic and Spiritual Gifts

  • Exercises to enhance your telepathy, aura reading, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience
  • Introduction to psychometry
  • Exercises to improve your mind control

Atlantis Card Readings

  • Introduction to oracle card reading – for yourself and others

Your Original Spiritual Blueprint

  • 12 strands of DNA and their activation
  • Powerful visualisations to release fears and to bring calm
  • Visualisations to clear past patterning
  • Your soul’s lessons – from sun signs and numerology

Atlantean Crystal Use

  • The Great Crystal of Atlantis
  • The Crystal Skulls and a visualization to connect with them
  • Healing exercises with crystals
  • Visualisations with a crystal

Angels of Atlantis, Unicorns and Dolphins

  • Background information
  • Visualisations to meet the Unicorns and Dolphins


  • Celebration of Golden Atlantis

You will be presented with a comprehensive manual, so the emphasis of the training will be on practicing the skills, gaining confidence and empowerment.

Pre-Course Work

Background Reading

The following Diana Cooper books are essential pre-course reading

  1. Discover Atlantis
  2. A New Light on Ascension
  3. A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws
  4. Angel Inspiration

All books are by Diana Cooper and available from Amazon

Pre-Course Preparation

Twenty One days prior to the start date the following exercises should be completed daily:

  1. 11 minute heart meditation
  2. 12 chakra rainbow breath
  3. A record of your experiences of the above exercises

Note: Information on the above will be provided prior to the course. Late applicants will be expected to complete as much of the pre-course preparation as they can.

Course Work and Home Study

You will be required to keep a record of your own reflections and experiences which will be handed in to your course facilitator at each three day teaching session. As a guide the content of your record may include the following:

  • Your expectations about the course and what you hope to achieve
  • Your aspirations for the future
  • The impact the exercises had on you and why
  • Your key learning points
  • Your own personal perceptions of Atlantis
  • Any issues or blocks you experience during the course and how you intend to deal with them

Your teacher would like to see about 2000 words.

Workshop Practice

You will be required to:

  • Prepare visualisations, activities and presentations during the teaching weekends
  • Prepare and facilitate a short session with a small group (in-between the teaching weekends)

Qualifying as a Golden Atlantis Teacher

Golden Atlantis Teacher Training consists of 9 days and 60 teaching hours. The first 3 days consist of the Teacher Training Module which is a core element of all the Diana Cooper School’s Teaching Courses.

In order to receive your teaching Certificate from The Diana Cooper School of White Light you must have successfully completed the following:

•    The course preparation exercises
•    The recommended reading
•    Your learning record
•    Preparation and delivery of the course materials and activities
•    Preparation and delivery of visualization and activity during the teacher training module
•    Facilitation of a session
•    Maximum attendance

Course Cost

For School Graduates who have already completed the Teacher Training Foundation Module

2 x 3 day weekends @ £333

Non  Graduates

3 x 3 day weekends @ £333

Non-UK course fees are based on the UK price.

These costs exclude food and accommodation.

Golden Atlantis Online Teacher Training

The Online Teacher Training Programme is on a one-to-one basis and comprises 18 sessions of 2 hours each. The cost is £1098. It requires a deposit of £366 at the time of booking.

If you already hold a teacher’s certificate, then it is 12 sessions, and the cost is £732.

Golden Atlantis Master Teachers