Transform Your Life Teacher Training

Transform Your Life Teacher Training

Everything we experience in life is a gift for learning. When we understand, accept and work with this “gift” we can let go of conflict and struggle and start living in love, light and harmony.

To achieve this we have to look at both personal and spiritual mastery. Transform Your Life Teacher Training is a unique programme which combines both mastery of the physical, mental and emotional bodies with a deeper understanding of the universe and how to apply its Laws to our daily life.

If you are inspired to help others on their pathway and want to work holistically with people to guide them into fulfilling their soul’s purpose then the Transform Your Life Teacher Training Course is the one to choose.

Message from Diana Cooper

“I believe that an understanding of yourself is fundamental to your spiritual growth as well as your health, success prosperity and happiness. In training to become a Transformational Teacher for our School you will change the course of your life and that of many others. Your contribution to the healing of the world is vitally important and we would welcome you to our Transformational Team.”

The purpose of this teacher training course is to:

  • Empower you to support people through transformation
  • Develop and use a range of group and individual exercises and techniques to support change
  • Create and support a safe learning environment
  • Lead your own workshops and one to one sessions
  • Recognise and develop your own unique learning and teaching profile

An overview of the topics include

  • My beliefs and where they come from
  • My inner child
  • Relationships
  • Emotions and thought processes
  • My relationship with my physical body
  • The Spiritual Laws and how to apply them positively
  • My soul’s purpose in this lifetime

Transform Your Life Teacher Training Prospectus

Do you feel inspired to help others on their pathway?
Are you a natural teacher or workshop leader who wants to work holistically with people and guide them in fulfilling their soul’s purpose?

Transform Your Life – Background and Philosophy

Transform your Life is based on 2 of Diana Cooper’s books, Transform Your Life and a Little Light on the Spiritual Laws. Together they form the basis of this amazing personal and spiritual development programme.

Everything we experience in life is a gift for learning. When we understand, accept and work with this “gift” we can let go of conflict and struggle and start living in love light and harmony.

As we do this our future becomes filled with hope and inspiration – a future where anything is possible – this is the true power of transformation.

Transform your Life is experiential rather than academic.  It is the difference between reading and understanding the theory of “how to do things” and taking the steps to embark on a personal journey of reflection and healing.

Course Aim

The Diana Cooper School Teacher Training Programme will empower you to develop and run your own Transformational Workshops and one to one support sessions.

Prior Knowledge/Experience

Ideally Transform your Life Teachers will have comprehensive experience of workshop facilitation or have a background in counselling or healing work. However it is also important to honour and recognise the potential within people; therefore all applications will be considered on merit. There may also be the opportunity to shadow experienced teachers prior to running workshops or coaching sessions.

The application form helps the School to assess the suitability of its potential teachers. However it is worth noting that you will be expected to demonstrate that you have the necessary mental and emotional stability required to become a Teacher, both prior to and during the training programme.

Background Reading

The following 2 books are essential reading

  • Transform your Life
  • A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws

Recommended reading

  • A New Light on Ascension
  • The Power of Inner Peace
  • A Time for Transformation

All books are by Diana Cooper and available through Amazon

Transform Your Life Course Content

Teacher Training Module Content (20 teaching hours)

  • Give you the expertise and skills to facilitate a group or workshop in a professional manner
  • Empower you with the confidence to organise and run workshops
  • Enable you to help and support both groups and individual clients
  • Give you a comprehensive framework for delivering Transform your Life workshops

Personal development and preparation

  • On being yourself
  • Personal preparation to become a teacher with the DCSWL
  • Voice and communication skills

Learning and teaching skills

  • Preparation to teach and manage workshops
  • Presentation skills
  • Training aids
  • Learning skills
  • Memory
  • Group energy and listening
  • Managing disruptive behaviour

Creating a safe environment

  • The teacher and the teaching space
  • Confidentiality and safe sharing
  • Grounding
  • Protection
  • Processing

Preparing meditations and visualisations

  • What are meditations and visualisations?
  • Leading a group visualisation
  • Opening and closing group sessions

Setting up activities

  • Drawing symbols/pictures
  • Ritual and ceremony

The twelve chakra system

  • Where are the twelve chakras?
  • Cleansing and strengthening the twelve chakras
  • Exercises to activate and integrate the twelve chakras

Preparing and running workshops

  • Insurance
  • Administration for a workshop
  • Peer support

Preparing a workshop programme

Individual Study:
prepare short exercises and talks to give to small groups or to the whole group.  You will be presented with full notes, so that the sessions will be predominately used to practise the techniques and thereby gain confidence and empowerment. The chakra exercises are an integral part of our work.  Students are expected to become proficient in them and lead part of the exercises throughout the training programme

Transform Your Life Module

This module is divided into:

Course content
Teaching outcomes

Course Content– looking in – exploring and transforming my beliefs

  • Who am I
  • My beliefs
  • My inner self
  • My inner parents
  • Relationships
  • Emotions
  • Wealth – material and spiritual
  • My relationship with my physical self


  • Group discussions
  • Meditations/deep relaxation
  • Visualisations/healing exercises
  • Drawing exercises
  • Personal reflection
  • Games and singing

Teaching outcomes

  • Relate the duties and responsibilities of an effective trainer
  • Create a learning environment
  • Manage group dynamics and expectations
  • Recognise and honour diversity
  • Effective presentation skills
  • Apply theory to practice
  • Work within the Ethics and Code of Conduct of The Diana Cooper School of White Light

Looking outwards – how I create my own reality – applying the Spiritual Laws

  • The Basic Laws of Life
  • The Laws of Creation
  • The Laws of Higher Awareness
  • The Laws of Higher Frequency
  • Walking the Ascension Pathway
  • Connecting with my Soul and its purpose


  • Group discussion
  • Individual review
  • Personal reflection
  • Meditations/visualizations
  • Group exercises

Teaching Outcomes

  • Effective healing methodology
  • Reading between the lines – the power of non-verbal communication
  • How to structure programmes and workshops – ( part one theory)
  • Managing resistance and difficult behaviour
  • Going with the flow – using the group experiences to lead the programme
  • Applying theory to practice

Qualifying as a Transform your Life Teacher

Transform Your Life Teacher Training consists of 9 days and 60 teaching hours. The first 3 days consist of the Teacher Training Module which is a core element of all the Diana Cooper School’s Teaching Courses.

In order to receive your Transform Your Life teaching Certificate from The Diana Cooper School of White Light you must have successfully completed the following:

  • The recommended reading
  • Keep a reflective journal throughout the course
  • Preparation and delivery of a 15 minute visualisation (for the Teacher Training Module)
  • Preparation and delivery of a 15 minute activity (for the Teacher Training Module)
  • Maximum attendance

Course Cost

For School Graduates who have already completed the Teacher Training Foundation Module

2 x 3 day weekends @ £333

Non  Graduates

3 x 3 day weekends @ £333

Non-UK course fees are based on the UK price.

These costs exclude food and accommodation.

Transform Your Life Online Teacher Training

The Online Teacher Training Programme is on a one-to-one basis and comprises 18 sessions of 2 hours each. The cost is £1098. It requires a deposit of £366 at the time of booking.

If you already hold a teacher’s certificate, then it is 12 sessions, and the cost is £732.

Transform Your Life Master Teachers