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Sameeta Nanjiani
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Dear lovely ones

I always believed everyone is given a spiritual experience sometime in their life to open them up to the other world. It may be a vivid dream, or visual or visitation by an Angel. Since my childhood I was much attuned to our Indian God “Ganesha” and its powers. I use to recite mantras to ward off evil, or ill health.

I also instinctively knew that there is some power around me and I am always taken care of and totally safe. When I became open to the spiritual world in the year 2000, I was guided to various courses like crystals, pranic healing, yoga, Fengshui, Lemurian healing, emotional freedom technique and many more things which were connecting me to higher self. I knew that I was changing my beliefs, my thoughts and the way I looked at the world. Meditation and healing practices made me confident and self reliant.

Deep in my heart I was still finding my life purpose and during year 2008 I was made aware about angels. Knowing angels and working with them whether it was to heal myself or others or to get any guidance on daily basis became habit for me. Connecting with Angels not only helped me to find my goal in life but also made me begin my work towards it.

Being with from Diana Cooper School, UK has helped me find a way to share this knowledge among various people awaiting guidance on their spiritual path. And now as a PRINCIPAL TEACHER, I feel honored and feel responsible to spread the Divine wisdom and knowledge to many.

I conduct workshops intensively on Magical power of crystals, various healing modalities and Angel guidance & therapy and Teacher training's at Mumbai, India and various countries around the world.

I also conduct personal healing sessions at my healing center and online too.

In recent years my connection has become strong with energy of Goddess and have been conduit of Goddess light. With blessings around October 2018, I designed and launched my first " Trinity goddess Oracle cards" which consists 33 cards and channeled messages from Goddess.

since 2015 I was guided to begin my spiritual retreats to Himalayas and then later to Egypt. Its been a blessings and divine power to conduct these sacred journeys.

Many blessings
With love