Hello From Heaven

A series of heartwarming stories of miracles and divine intervention, edited by Meghaa Gupta 

Archangel Fhelyai and My Feral Kitten Friends

By Nicoletta Paniguitti, in Portugal

I’ve become very fond of the two feral kittens that have been living on my balcony for the last three months after their mama carried them up three flights of stairs in her mouth. For the last three days, they had been sick with vomit, and diarrhea and were subdued and listless instead of their usual active playful selves. The female kitten couldn’t hold down any food and looked particularly dejected. I didn’t know what to do because they were wild and I didn’t know how to handle them.

I tuned in to Archangel Fhelyai to ask for guidance. Then I searched for the closest vet clinic, went out to buy a pet carrier, and tried to get the kittens into it.  Ah! Wishful thinking! The kittens would have none of it and fought back fiercely. Having little experience with animals, I didn’t know how to handle them without hurting them or myself. So I put the carrier on the balcony with some treats and a towel they were accustomed to. I decided to let them get familiar with the carrier in their own time and hopefully get into it voluntarily. It took all day, from 9 am to 5 pm, but eventually, the boy kitten went in and his little sister followed him.

I quickly zipped up the carrier and, having no car, I walked with it across my shoulder for 2 miles to the vet hospital. As I entered, I saw that the floor and all the trims were the same bright yellow as Archangel Fhelyai’s robe and I instantly knew he was watching over us. By then, it was already after hours, so only 1 doctor was on duty and she was busy handling a critical case. So we ended up waiting five hours in the lobby.

The whole time I kept sending healing light to the kittens and to the entire hospital. The kittens were very quiet, cuddling tightly together and looking up at me for reassurance. I felt peaceful and supported by the angelic energies radiating from the vibrant yellow brightness of the environment. Finally, the doctor was able to see us, and after some struggle, the kitties were examined. The girl kitty had a high fever, was very dehydrated, and apparently had a virus. Her brother was healthy but experiencing her symptoms empathetically.

The doctor wanted to hospitalize the girl for a few days to make sure she could hold down some food and be administered her meds regularly. I felt torn, not wanting to make the wrong decision and compromise the well-being of this precious creature. But I felt very strong guidance that hospitalization was not the right thing for her. In the hospital, she may survive the virus, but she would not survive being alone, separated from her brother who she’s closely bonded since mama cat abandoned them after becoming pregnant again.
The doctor reluctantly let me take them both home under the promise that I would keep a very close watch on the female kitty. We finally got home late at night, and thanks to the anti-vomit med, both of them were able to eat a meal voraciously.
To my relief, over the next few days, they gradually got better, holding down their meals and starting to be their usual boisterous selves, as I continued sending them lots of healing light. Everywhere I went for the next few days I would see bright yellow flowers, and with much gratitude, I knew that Archangel Fhelyai was continuing to watch over us.

Love and Light,

Nicoletta, in Portugal


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