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Angels, Golden Atlantis, Lemurian Planetary Healing, Transform Your Life
+91 9962036811

Every day is a blessed day by the Angels

Manjula Singh, from Chennai-India, now taking myself and as many as possible to join and enjoy Angelic realm which brings healing, balance into lives and to bring that Golden Age we are expecting by 2032.

Having 13+ years of experience handling ADMIN & HR Departments in several Trading & Corporate Companies...lead me to the Spiritual path when connected to Devatas & Goddesses. 

Started my Spiritual path with “Pranic Healing”, guided to “Reiki”, then connecting to “Angelic realm” with “Diana Cooper School of White Light” has helped me walk on the path holding Angel’s hands. From then Archangels, Unicorns started taking over me into Ascension path, connected to Goddesses energies and lead me to practice on “Durga Saptashati” & “Sri Vidya Sadhna” which are of Fifth Dimensional practices. As “Atlantis” Teacher, I recognised that I have a deep connection to healing energy vibrations which guided me to become “Sound Healing Teacher & Therapist”. Having connected to “Lemuria” & Atlantis, bringing back knowledge of Mineral Kingdom made me work with “Crystals” and have guided many to understand their connection with Crystals. Being a “Transform your Life” teacher, has helped me to look into the life happenings in a different way to bring more understanding on life incidents and to work on myself and to guide others.

Teaching about Angels have brought miracles into my life and my students lives.

My students sharing their experiences with me on Angelic miracles encouraged me to become Master Teacher to connect more & more people with Angelic realm to bring positive changes into their lives, also to many they connect to and to serve Mother Earth for her Ascension with our energy work.

Lead by Higher vibrational Beings, Masters, Crystals and Sound vibrational frequencies, conducting various workshops to share the knowledge and experiences about Angels, Atlantis and Lemuria, Crystals makes my life colourful, blessed and has transformed. Conducting meditation, relaxation sessions on Sound Healing to Corporate Company staff, Schools, Hospitals, Private groups and one on one Clients have made me understand that we are all made of Sound vibration. The “OMkara” Sound which created the whole Universe.

Angelic Blessings

Teacher & Therapist: Angels, Crystal, Golden Atlantis & Lemurian Planetary healing, Transform your Life from Diana Cooper Foundation – UK

Teacher & Therapist: Tibetan Sound Healing & Crystal Healing

Contact: +91 9962036811 /