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Engel, Goldenes Atlantis, Lemurische Planetarische Heilung, Transform Your Life
+91 9962036811
I am, Mrs Manjula K Singh from Chennai-India, now taking myself and as many as possible to join and enjoy Angelic realm which brings healing, balance into lives and to bring that Golden Age we are expecting after 2012. Started my Spiritual path with Pranic Healing, guided to Reiki, Shivyog’s Shambhavi Healing & Shri Vidya Sadhna, Teaching about Angels, As the result of experiencing Angelic healing, miracles in my personal life, have started teaching about Angels. I have qualified in Angel card Reading also Angel, Lemurian, Atlantis, Crystals, and Tibetan Sound healing and sessions are given upon request. I am blessed to be connected to Diana Cooper Foundation. Together we can make a difference in the world Angelic blessings Manjula K Singh