Golden Future Training in Athens

I went to Athens in April to launch the first Diana Cooper School of White Light Golden Future training. Being in these energies and exploring with the group what is possible in the Golden Age was awesome. One of the highlights of the training was creating an ‘Archangel Metatron Stellar Gateway Auraspray’, which facilitates the opening of the 12 Stellar Gateway chambers. When we were about to start the activity, I was immediately aware of Archangel Metatron’s powerful presence and received guidance on how to proceed. I had no idea we would do it this way. The objective was to add the 12 ascension qualities held in the 12 chambers of the Stellar Gateway to a crystal essence we prepared on the previous day. But Archangel Metatron wanted to simultaneously add them to the bottle and activate them in the participants’ Stellar Gateway chakras through a visualization. The expansion everyone experienced was incredible. Words cannot describe it. I had tears in my eyes. Our Stellar Gateway chakras were spanning the Universe by the time we finished, having activated strength, integrity, love, oneness, peace, joy, wisdom, balance, truth, vision, compassion and courage in the 12 chambers. Archangel Metatron also wanted us to add the cosmic energy of the number 55, which is his vibration. When we finished, we intuitively added essential oils to our bottles. I have never created such a powerful aura spray before.

Most unexpectedly, we discovered that the 11 (a sacred master number) of us were called to Athens by the Goddess and Atlantean High Priestess Athena. We didn’t know we were on a mission, and I had not allowed it in my programme (joke). We became aware of it when our Greek teacher Stamatoula, for some reason, could not get our tickets organised for the Acropolis. She had tried several times in all possible ways. I had planned the visit for day 2 of our training because the Acropolis is where a new Golden City will rise in the future. So, to resolve this, I spontaneously guided our group to connect with Athena and find out what needed to be done. We climbed the Acropolis (in visualisation) with great respect. We honoured the goddess and asked her to reveal why she had called us here and how we could be of service. She told me that we needed to prepare and have a plan. Having listened to everyone’s feedback, we realised that Athens needed clearing and healing, and we were here for that. The same evening we were in the restaurant, I suddenly had the idea to try booking the tickets again, and it worked out. Athena wanted us to go there on day 5, mid-afternoon. The next day in class, Sandra, a teacher from South Africa, created the most amazing visualisation, inviting many different types of dragons to clear the lower energies and pain in Athens. It was very emotional. It turned out that day 5 was the hottest day and time. Athena did not make it easy for us. It felt like an initiation climbing up there. We had Greek teacher Elena Korka, a famous archaeologist, with us, who gave us precious insights about the Acropolis and the gods. After that, we sat near Athena’s temple and connected to the Pleiades to bring healing down. I visualised the blue heart healing energy streaming down the hill into the city of Athens and into the pyramid below the Parthenon temple to be anchored.

Apollo made it much easier for us to visit the Oracle of Delphi. It was a pleasant temperature and such a joy to be out in nature, breathing the fresh air of the mountains. I had wanted to visit the oracle of Delphi for many years, and finally, I was here. I was emotional as I entered because I knew that in a past life, I had served here looking after one of the oracles, a child called Rhea, who had special gifts. She was with me as we visited. I knew that coming to the oracle of Delphi was not a coincidence as the predictions made here concerned the future. The message I received was that we had to use our own gifts and abilities to create the (golden) future we want. It was an appropriate day to finish our stay in Greece.

I am very grateful to Stamatoula, who organised the training and provided space for it in her wonderful studio (Heal.Gr), and grateful to all the participants, Yen Chi, Cornelia Maria, Katharina, Bettina, Elena, Elisabeth, Claudia, Kerstin and Sandra who joined from all over the world and made it possible. Congratulations to the very first Golden Future teachers of the Diana Cooper School of White Light. I am also very grateful to Diana Cooper, who has channelled and shared the awesome information in her book The Golden Future and the Golden Future Oracle and made all this possible. Thank you, Diana.


Franziska Siragusa

Principal Teacher, Diana Cooper School of White Light