A moment of magical meeting with the Land of Fairies and Nature Spirits

By Melinda Elisabeth White Rose

Dear all,

There are some encounters that are so mystical that they are hard to put in words, but this is my humble attempt to share with you in this article an extraordinary experience I had during one early summer afternoon. It was a lovely, warm, and sunny, early summer day. I was looking forward to visiting the beautiful forest close to my home.

I entered the forest, as I usually do, asking my beautiful and sacred companions to be with me during the walk (my Guardian Angel, my unicorn, and my sweet Dragon companion). I entered the forest with joy and much respect, asking the Guardian tree for a blessing on my walk and then, again, as usual, calling the Light of the mighty Seraphim Seraphina to fill the forest with her healing.


I walked through the forest to a place that I was shown last year by my dear tree elf friend, Haniel. It looks like a very ‘ordinary’ place, under big trees, with lots of stones spread around, but Haniel invited me here and told me that this was an exceptional place, the special meeting place for the Nature Spirits.

I had been visiting this magical place often ever since, always asking for permission if I may cross the little bridge (old looking and broken, but still possible to walk on it). And almost every time making my little offerings of plant seed, shells, crystal beads with me, and giving them in return to nature spirits for allowing me to sit for a while and enjoy the beautiful energy of the place.


This time I did the same: I crossed the little bridge, greeted the place, shared my little present, and sat on a stone.

I sat there a couple of minutes, breathing in the feeling of deep peace. And suddenly, I felt that the stone I was sitting on almost moved with me. I had the sensation of nearly being seated on a flower that suddenly opened its petals wide. And I was in a new dimension. I looked around and saw many stars like orb-like lights around me, moving fast with a feeling of business and order – they reminded me of very busy bees at work gathering pollen.

Then between them, I saw a few much bigger Light, orb-like beings. I knew they were those overseeing the place. As I was trying to understand where I was and what was happening, one of these beings sensed my presence and looked at me. I felt like being watched profoundly, and it did not feel comfortable at first.

Then, as I was standing under that view, I suddenly became aware of the Light of the Seraphim Seraphina, as it continued to spread through my heart and my feet to the whole forest. A beautiful light was pouring through me into the forest floor.

I knew that the Being watching me also became aware of the Light of the Seraphim.

In that instant, I felt the way of being perceived changed. I sensed a warm, loving way of being acknowledged, almost like ‘You are welcome.’ And the Being watching me returned to its activity.

I was so surprised and overwhelmed by this experience that I suddenly felt my consciousness being pulled back to where I was sitting, on the stone.

I sat there for a few more minutes in awe of this sacred experience with the Seraphim and the Nature Spirits. Then I left the place, with lots of love and gratitude in my heart. I would like to think that I was allowed to look into this beautiful 5th-dimensional realm of Nature Beings, and I am so grateful for it.


I always write down my experiences of any kind, as I learned that this is a great way to keep details and events in place. When sharing this experience with my lovely Fairy friend, she suggested that I write and share it with you, dear readers, so here it is. I hope this inspires you to visit forests with love and respect and send healing each time you are out in Nature, as the blessings are always so abundant!


In love and Light,

Melinda Elisabeth