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Angels, Animal World
Danish, English, Hungarian, Romanian

Welcome, dear one,

I am, just as you are, at the service of the Light and of our beautiful Blue Planet, Gaia.

It is a true blessing to work together with the Angelic and Elemental realms, with my Guides, Angels, Unicorns, and Dragon companions, to attune to and work with the beautiful energy of the mighty Seraphim, Seraphina, as well as my Lemurian Guides and crystals.

It gives me such joy and happiness to send healing, light, and loving gratitude to Nature, Animal, Bird, Insect and Mineral Kingdoms, and all life forms on the planet. We are All One! Working together with powerful Lightworkers from these kingdoms and realms makes my soul sing. Come and join me in this beautiful work!

It is a joy and a privilege for me to be a teacher in the Diana Cooper School of White Light. I am offering individual courses about Angels, Nature, and the Animal World. The courses are for you, who would like to develop a deeper understanding and practical skills to connect to the Angelic Realm, Nature, and Animal Kingdom. For you, dear Lightworker, who would like to be able to send healing to Mother Earth and all her kingdoms. These are all online courses, so you can join wherever you are living in the world. 

Furthermore, I give spiritual counselling to those Lightworkers who are highly sensitive and intuitive empaths so they can open to their soul purpose and embrace who they truly are.

As a psychologist with more than 20 years of experience, I focused the last 5 years of my work on high sensitivity and intuitive empathy. I know both professionally and personally the challenges but also the beautiful gifts of being an empath. During the spiritual counselling sessions, I can help you understand your individual skills and resources and set up boundaries, so you can thrive, value yourself, and really be who you are. In the light of understanding the spiritual laws, being aware of and connecting to your guides and angels, you will be working towards soul fulfilment, inner peace and a daily life focused on balance and harmony.

When you choose my courses or counseling, we are going to start a journey together. To share, to learn from each other to inspire and enrich each other. Rather than a teacher, this is how I see my work, as a pure, beautiful, enriching collaboration.

If these words resonate with you, I look forward to hearing from you.

In Love and Light,