A Journey of Transformation

by Manisha Lomash and Asha Doshi


I was introduced to the Transform Your Life course by Asha Doshi who is also my Master Teacher for Transform your Life Teacher’s Training, and I found this course has elements to create a healthy foundation in one’s life. The day I finished the workshop with Asha, I had decided someday I would also like to teach and spread this wisdom.

I began the course Transform Your Life Teacher’s Training feeling very low in confidence, with lots of self-judgement and very little motivation to do anything. By the time the course came to completion, I had come to understand myself deeply. Comparatively, I feel less self-judgemental. I realise immediately now if I am criticising or loathing myself. I am more at ease with taking things as they come, but I am proactive in taking necessary actions.  I am more confident. I have released many deep-rooted beliefs and patterns.

This training surpassed all my expectations …

  • This course has helped me resolve some major core emotional and mental issues, which brought more clarity, confidence, and lightness.
  • I learnt tons of new techniques to create a strong foundation as a teacher and therapist.
  • I always took journaling very lightly, but during this course, I learned its importance and will continue to practice journaling and recommend others as well.
  • And one of the fascinating breakthroughs during this course as I have finally resumed my vision of writing a book. I learnt how to come out of stuck energy by taking baby steps in the course!
  • Another brilliant teaching from Asha, a picture is worth 1000 affirmations …as our subconscious mind replicates what it sees with no filter.
  • Learning about Spiritual laws brought so much simplicity in understanding the course of life! I’m so grateful to Diana Cooper and the authors of the manual for including them.


I feel this is such a magnificent course that all the teachers of DCSWL MUST take it. It can help create robust teaching skills and a balanced temperament as a person, which is essential for any therapist and facilitator.

Finally, I would like to express immense gratitude to Asha Doshi for being such an excellent teacher. Thank you, Asha, for making my learning fun, easy, as well as structured and precise. I was in awe each time she came up with another spontaneous creative activity. I hope to bring out those teaching qualities in my workshops.

Manisha Lomash

Angel Teacher and TTYL Graduate Teacher

Diana Cooper School of White Light


Transform Your Life workshops and Teacher Training are my favourite. It gives me immense pleasure to see how participants are transforming their lives in each and every step during the process. It helps not only the participants but also me as a facilitator to dive deep into my deep-rooted patterns and transform them into a new way of being.

Sai Baba and the Masters

Since it was an online teacher training, Manisha and I decided to meet personally for the certificate ceremony. I suggested we do this at the Holy place of Shirdi so we could also receive the blessings of Sai Baba. It was a spontaneous decision and everything worked magically with Baba’s blessings. We performed a certificate ceremony and Manisha guided me and two friends through a beautiful exercise to get clarity and manifest our heart’s desire in the presence of great Ascended Masters.

We invoked many masters along with Sai Baba and all of the participants were in tears of joy at the end. While returning back from Shirdi, Manisha pointed out a beautiful cloud in form of a unicorn, and while I clicked the picture, we saw a rainbow light coming out from the head of the unicorn. It was completely a thrilling experience for all of us and we could not thank the universe enough for sending us this glorious sign.

I am sure Manisha will soon spread her wings and inspire and motivate lots of aspirants on her path with the help of Transform Your Life workshops.

Much gratitude,

Asha Doshi

Master Teacher

Diana Cooper School of White Light