Started Your Day on the Wrong Foot? Learn how to Press The Reset Button with the Dragons.

by Dragon Teacher, Susan Browne

Sometimes as feeling beings, we can absorb the emotions of others and even of the collective consciousness. Forgetting to care for ourselves and looking after others, our energy gets clogged up, and we can feel dense and overwhelmed. Don’t feel bad about this. Your sensitivity is a precious gift. But do take steps to feel better now so that you can do the wonderful work that you came here to do.

Know that when you take excellent care of yourself, you can be of divine service more.

The dragons are here to help us quickly lift our spirits and press the reset button on our day so that we can come back into centre and be our true light. In fact, they are excellent at this and love to be asked.

1) Ask for Help

The dragons want us to remember how strong we are. We came here (to Earth) because we are strong, and we’ve come to bring light and learn, and so are open to taking on some challenges. The dragons want to help us with those challenges; we need to remember to ask.

Loving Air Dragons,

please help me remember how strong I am to rise above earthly matters, and know that I am a cosmic being of light. 

Thor’s majestic Red, Gold and Black Dragons,

please assist me in breaking up this old energy and surround this situation in your golden light. 

See the dragons doing this now.

It is done. Thank you. 

2) Release with Love

Whatever it is you want to release, identify it. Is it a feeling you would like to release? Resentment? Anger? Overwhelm? Or is it a block that stops you from moving forward? A lack of success or abundance? A belief that holds you back? A good way to release is to write it down on a piece of paper and then burn it.

Dear Fire Dragons,

Please surround me now and blaze your fire through me to help me release this (name of what you want to release) fully and with love. I thank it for its lessons and fully let go now. Please burn all of its residue in me and its words on the paper. 

Sparkling Fire and Water Dragons,

please purify me and any thoughts that have not been serving me now with your etheric steam so that I may shine. 

Feel this being done.

It is done. Thank you. 

3) Ask to Attract What You Would Like Instead

Rather than leaving a space on releasing something, focus on what you would like to feel or experience instead. For example, instead of worry perhaps you would like to feel peace. Instead of feeling unsuccessful, perhaps you would like to feel successful. Instead of anger, maybe joy and bliss. If you’ve been feeling like a doormat, perhaps you’d like great boundaries and self-confidence. If you’re not sure, write down all the possible ideas. Then pick your favourite.

Dear Crystal Green and Orange Dragons from Jupiter,

Please pour happiness, abundance (and any qualities you would like to attract now) into my being, and let me radiate this to everyone as I am filled up with light. 

Magical Silver Dragons,

assist me with your light in anchoring my visions into my earth star chakra for the highest good of all. 

Make a picture in your mind of the dragons doing this for you.

It is done. Thank you. 

4) Visualise

You are surrounded by the above loving, powerful dragons who swirl around you, creating a column of light and colour.

You hear the sound of their wings and feel the rush of air. Feel the petals of your heart centre opening.

Your mind feels clear and inspired.

Feel your feet connecting with the earth. You are deeply grounded.

Know that your earth star chakra is lighting up and expanding as the dragons move down into it, blessing it with this love and colour.

Sense how this flows up through the chakra column.

Then see it spreading out far beyond you so that you exude dragon light and colours that you may never have perceived before.

See your powerful energy touching others and inspiring humanity, helping everyone towards the New Golden Age.

See yourself as peaceful, successful, or any other quality you like. Then, watch the dragons celebrating over you.

Thank the dragons and come fully back into your body.

Drink water. 

A Special Message from Omega Dragon

Finally, I want to share with you that I picked this dragon card today and feel Omega Dragon swirling around me as I write this article.

She says to all of us reading this:

Dear One,

You are the precious essence of creation and have come with essential assignments. Appreciate yourself and your powers. Reach high and know that I will propel you as you serve the highest light. Do not let lower frequency trivia distract, for you are much more than this – an old soul who has seen much before. You are part of the birthing of the New Golden Age. Search inside yourself now for your highest vision and take steps to bring this forward. Surround yourself in my sparkling silver-white light and feel my wings underneath you. Say yes to that which vibrates on the same level as your highest frequency, and you will magnetise the benefits. 

You Are Important. You are Love. 

Pick a Dragon Card

I really enjoy Diana’s Dragon Oracle Cards, and you can try them out here if you don’t already have a deck. Click here to pick a card.

With love and dragon light,



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