By Tarun Pratap Singh

My journey into spirituality has taken leaps and bound in the last few months. Lockdown & COVID has brought challenges for humanity, but somehow it has also opened gateways for many. And I feel lucky to be a part of it. Five years back, after watching an inspirational talk on “How to create your life?” I visualised my future & made a drawing of my vision. Back then, I never knew how it would happen. But in the last three months, since the day I decided to join Diana Cooper School of White Light, my vision got clearer. 

Dragons have been very special to me since my childhood. I have been seeing them in clouds and imagining their presence in rivers and bodies of water throughout my life. But due to various beliefs, fear of their appearance and lack of knowledge, I pushed them to the back of my mind. However, my experience with Dragons has been very intimate and magical, and lately, they started showing me their presence.

How Dragons gave me signs

1 )  I had experienced the power of angels with Meghaa Gupta at many workshops I attended with her. Yet the Dragons really started pulling me to work with them first before I could dive deep into Angelic realms. At that time, there were very few Master Teachers for Dragons, and so from this website, I contacted Sameeta with whom my training began quickly with much excitement.

2 )  All of a sudden I started hearing the word “Dragons” from my colleagues after the commencement of my training. To my surprise, even my two and a half-year-old child started noticing Dragons a lot. “See papa: Dragons.” He was pointing towards my shirt. I noticed there was a monogram of a beautiful & powerful Dragon printed on my shirt which I had never spotted before.

3 )  Dragons have helped me even during meditations. Especially for grounding the intense fifth-dimensional energies

4 )  One day, I was attending a conference with colleagues. During that meeting, the boss was mentioning to all his workers to increase their knowledge. So in continuation, he said “Guys you should have a habit of increasing your knowledge bank. Your knowledge will amount to the improvement of the firm. Because YOUR EYES SEE WHAT YOUR MIND KNOWS!” After his remark, I thought in my mind, “Very true. Until now I was unaware of Dragons.” Immediately my boss added, “Like if a Dragon flies in front of you from this window, you will not notice it till the time you know about it”. I was amazed by his example because it was the first time I ever heard him speaking of anything like that. The timing was in perfect synchronicity with my thoughts of Dragons.

5 )  There was a phase after my training when I felt “what’s the use of learning so many things if I cannot even handle petty issues in my life?” I was so misaligned that I left all my spiritual practices and was engrossed in these gloomy thoughts. While I was on my way to the office I asked myself “What is all this nonsense? Now, what should I do?” Immediately after this question, I saw a vehicle in front of me and there was a big dummy Dragon on it. It seemed possible, but there it was. I took a photo immediately, my heart filled with joy and I felt relieved. I called my wife and told her about the experience. Thereafter I called upon the help of Pink Dragons and my Dragon to resolve those issues.

 6 )  On the last day of my recent trip, I drank water from my bottle, and I noticed a beautiful heart-shaped cloud in the sky. I was assured that they are with me. 


Dragons are beautiful beings & extremely powerful. Their capabilities to construct and deconstructed helps dramatically in manifestation. And when they are nearby, you feel grateful and empowered. I could have never imagined even in my wildest dreams that I would ever walk on this path, but I am so happy that I am. I now totally believe in the Divine Plan & His beautiful transformation process. From the core of my heart, I thank Almighty, my spiritual Guru, Divine Plan, all divine beings, Diana Cooper, Meghaa Gupta and Sameeta & energy beings. Dragons have chosen me for spreading the light in this world and I take this great opportunity with full responsibility and interest.


Amen! Amen! Amen!