Let me share with you my own journey with Dragons


by Wiebke Detlefs

Teacher of Dragons, Golden Atlantis, Angels, Lemurian Planetary Healing, Unicorns, Transform your Life

With great joy and deep gratitude, I would like to share an affair of the heart with you, my path to the dragons. Somehow the dragon symbols and gifts would also find their way to me. As a child, I had received a jade dragon from my father, which has accompanied me for decades and has always delighted me. Other dragon gifts from different people followed often. Every time I received one it made me very happy. I kept these gifts with the utmost care and love. I cherished the handmade drawings, toys so much. The special thing about these dragons is that they were all green. They have been with me for many years now and my dragon family continues to grow.

In 2014 I was in Asia attending a course where I shared the room with another participant, who naturally told me that she had worked with Goddess Quan Yin and several dragons. I had realizations that the dragons had a special reason to be in my life. Two years later when I attended a dragon seminar for the first time, it opened up for me a conscious and deliberate access to the world of dragons and the various qualities of dragons. Following an inspiration, I held my first dragon ceremony at home in the quiet little room and had the feeling that the dragons were really happy. A lot has happened since then.

Diana’s dragon cards and her dragon book made me very happy and encouraged me to integrate their wisdom much more into my life. It taught me to assign dragons for specific areas of my life. For example, one night I had the feeling that someone was sneaking around my apartment and found this uncomfortable and threatening. I called the fire dragons and instructed them to protect me and the apartment as well as the property and to drive away or transmute anything that might harm me. Only a few minutes had passed that the energy around me changed completely. I felt safe and secure again. The dragon guides did not just protect me, they had also restored my peace of mind instantly.

The Dragon Module 

At the 2019 Reunion in Assisi when we discussed the dragon teacher training, it was immediately clear to me that I would like to assist in the creation of a new Dragon workbook. In Diana Cooper‘s books on Dragons, the card deck and her online courses, there is so much wisdom and light about dragons available that it is a great pleasure to immerse yourself in this enchanting magical world.

One page became many pages and the workbook grew. The feedback from our Principal, Franziska ensured that it was clear and unambiguous and the new aspects found their way into the workbook. Later Franziska revised everything and it was then translated into English and finally, the workbook came to life.

When I first opened the official Dragon teacher’s manual, a shining light came towards me. This experience still touches me today and I wish you from the bottom of my heart that you experience this magic too.
The dragons are waiting to touch you, to accompany you and to support you with their light, their love and their wonderful and unique celestial qualities. Be excited about working and creating miracles with them!

If you go into resonance with the great dragons and want to share their light with others, find a Dragon teacher or Master Teacher on our website : https://www.dianacooperschoolofwhitelight.com/

With deep gratitude and joy in the heart, Wiebke !