By Meghaa Gupta

Master Teacher of Angels, Dragons, Unicorns, Golden Atlantis, Transform Your Life

My journey with the dragons has been the most enchanting one I have had so far. In the last few weeks, I have connected with so many dragons from different star systems and the ones with elements. I feel like my eyes have suddenly opened up to the most obvious of truths, which I was just not aware of earlier. Their presence makes me feel so secure and uplifted, all my worries about my house or the security of my loved ones are well taken care of by the dragons. I have been invoking dragons to protect my family, and I can sense my peace of mind has been restored and transmuted to faith.

I felt very different after connecting with the Celestial Dragons and the Dragons of Thor. After one such meditation, there was a feeling like I had metal running through my veins. I felt so strong and powerful – like I can achieve so much within very little time, without much effort. In the next few days after that experience, I had been able to get so much done that I had surprised myself.

My Personal Dragons

My most special experience has been with my personal dragons. I have two dragon guides who look the same, except one of them is White Celestial dragon and another is an Earth dragon. To my understanding, one of them helps me to fly higher in the inner planes, and the other one allows me to anchor these energies on Earth, and he is here also to help me master the elements. In my journeys, there have been great realisations and personal revelations.

In another such magical journey, the dragons from Hollow Earth took me to feel the beating heart of Mother Earth and explore the Hollow Earth. I could hear the songs of Earth reverberating from every rock, every crystal, every particle of Earth was these joyful songs of love and happiness. I felt so rich and abundant connecting with the Earth and the dragons.

The dragons have been here since the birthing of Earth, and they help maintain its energies to higher frequencies. They can help cleanse and repair the ley lines, the energy grid that is all around the planet. With their help, we sent light and healing to the 3rd-dimensional ley lines which we saw heal. Then the dragons activated the 5th-dimensional ley lines which lighted by the whole Earth with a whitish-golden glow. If each one of us could contribute to the Earth’s healing by working with the dragons just for a few minutes of the day, can you imagine what a wonderful world it can become?

“I intend to deepen my connection with the dragons in the future, and I find that the best path to take is to teach about them to others. For it is in giving that we truly receive.”


The Pink Dragons of Quan Yin

And my most profound and healing moments were facilitated by the Pink dragons of Buddha Quan Yin. Just what was needed for me. Earlier I have not had the heart to have confrontations and speak up for what was my truth. I always believed in minding my own business and avoid conflicts even if my higher self would whisper for me to take a stand for injustice.

When I began to connect with the Earth and Fire dragons and the dragons of Thor, I began to see the light as light and dark as dark. They showed me that for my ascension, it is important that I stand up for and speak my truth. And it was the most uncomfortable feeling. But I did as the Higher Self indicated, despite being out of my comfort zone. And that was truly liberating. As though I became lighter and I could fly. Nothing was holding me back. And yet there was a feeling of guilt for not being polite.

A day later, the pink dragons of Quan Yin connected with me, as though to liberate me and set me free from guilt. They enfolded me in their rose-pink light, uplifted my with their love and helped me find compassion within my heart for myself. They said that the act of love does not exclude protecting what needs protection, and so I must not feel guilty to do so.

A Message from the Dragons I received for me and everyone:

  • See yourself with the eyes of love
  • Hold the vision of the highest good
  • To love means to provide and to protect what you love
  • Be courageous on your path
  • Walk gently on this Earth

The pink dragons also took me to meet the Goddess Quan Yin. On their back, we flew rising above the clouds, where the angels sang her glory, surrounded by radiant pink-white dragons. The chants of Om Mani Padme Hum still vibrate in my every cell. I received many blessings from Quan Yin and a special wish for the heart. She showed me how I can open up my heart to love by practising mercy and compassion. Her soft healing touch opened my heart, and the dragons breathed their magical qualities into me. Each breath filled me up with life and light. I could feel their warm breath brightening up my aura and beautifying my soul.

Quan Yin then bestowed upon me her blessings and placed into my heart a glowing ball of loving-kindness and mercy. She communicated that I must take this forward to many people. Her pink dragons will accompany me to place this radiant ball of mercy and compassion into the hearts of those who are ready. I intend to deepen my connection with the dragons in the future, and I find that the best path to take is to teach about them to others. For it is in giving that we truly receive.

“I am not surprised anymore. I believe in the Universal language of synchronicity and serendipity.”


Dragons from Orion and a Feeling of Home

The past few weeks, I had been feeling homesick, even though physically, I am at home. I connected with the dragons again and prayed for the presence of whichever dragons I am ready f. I could feel the energies around me pure white, and I felt like laying on the terrace floor to watch the stars. There was a tiny twinkling star I could see that was calling my attention; then I realised it was a group of stars. I checked it on one of my apps that gives me a map of the stars and learned that this is Orion. This made me laugh because Orion has always felt like home to me.

From the last decade that I started teaching with Angels, my connection with Orion was reestablished and deepened. And now the dragons are doing the same, helping me to connect with what feels like home to me. I closed my eyes and let myself float to the stars and feel a pure connection to the star system. After a few minutes, when I woke up, there was a sense of joy and familiarity. A feeling you get when you have met someone you loved that you had longed for. I guess home is a feeling. And connecting with the stars of Orion and Dragons of Orion is also. When I took out the cards the next day to find a message from dragons, the Orion card popped out. And honestly, I am not surprised anymore. I believe in the Universal language of synchronicity and serendipity.

I hope this article builds your connection with your Dragon guides stronger. If you feel inspired and wish to share the light of Dragons with others, do join in for the Dragons teacher training course.


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