By Meghaa Gupta

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Learn Ways to Work with Dragons.

It is amazing how more and more people everyday share with me that they have had dreams of dragons or they have connected with dragons in their meditations, even though they have had not much conscious knowledge about these magical beings. As the Earth is going through its massive shifts, more and more dragons and unicorns are flocking to Earth, working on energy levels with people who hold the intention to see Earth move to greater light. Working with the dragons can truly be the most enchanting experience. Here are some wonderful ways you can connect with Dragons to enhance your life.

Perhaps you are someone who has worked with the dragons already, or you may have a curiosity to know about them better. Anyone can seek help from them, and you do not have to have any special abilities or gifts to be worthy of their help. Dragons are heart centric loving beings who are eager to help all who are open to receiving. In this article, I was called to share with you eleven ways to work with dragons. 


1.  Water, like Love of God, flows through the entire Earth, its atmosphere and even in every cell of everybody. The Water Dragons carry Christ Love in the water molecules. Invoke the water dragons and ask them to specially bless the water that you drink and infuse the water with Christ love. 


2.  You can bond with the Dragons of Earth, especially well when you connect with the Earth’s surface. Next time you have a calling to take a walk outside or connect with nature in its elements, take time out to enjoy a walk in the garden. Ask the dragons to hold you strongly to Mother Earth and help you ground yourself regularly. Grounding can have an excellent healing effect, especially when you invoke to Earth Dragons to help you let go of any inflammation out of your body, through your feet and into the Earth. Breathe and feel the cooling sensation wash through your physical body.


3.  Children have pure hearts and thus can tune into the higher frequencies more easily. You can teach them to be open to calling upon the Blue Dragons of Archangel Michael when they need extra confidence or protection.


4.  I overheard my nephew sharing this brilliant idea with my little niece, to ask the Fire dragons to blow the bad dreams away. That night we all lit a candle together, and we prayed for the same. Thanks to their innocent and honest prayers, we all have enjoyed peaceful and deep nights sleep since then. I also wake up remembering my pleasant dreams quite clearly.


5.  Ask your personal dragons to clear your path and lift away obstacles. Whether it is your own limitations or outside block, nothing is beyond help. As you pray, visualise your Personal Dragon guide blowing the obstacles away and transmuting them to light and a clear path ahead.


6. I have worked consciously with the Dragons of Ascension when I hear the news of people losing their lives to sickness or by any other reasons. I pray that ‘the souls be guided towards the ascension light by the dragons smoothly and with complete ease.’ 


7. The source of Spiritual energy of our planet is our Central Sun, and the Solar Dragons bring in and anchor this spiritual energy every second. Ask the Golden Dragons from the Helios to drench you in the eternal sunshine and that you will carry the power of the Creator and use it for the good of all people through your actions, words and thoughts.


8.  When you have a special goal or a dream that you hold dear to your heart, you may want to work with Pure White Dragons of Orion as I do. “Write your dream, that helps you be clear about what you truly want, and then pray for the presence of the Dragons of Orion. Feel them breathing light into it and blow over your wish with their magical breath”. Remember to thank them for their blessings.


9.  The Green Dragons can show you nature and its wonders like no other. The secrets that are held by the Earth, the wisdom of the trees, the songs of the mountains and the healing love that flows through the sacred streams, the magical place this Earth is!


10.  More than ever, we need blessings of the spiritual hierarchy to help the human race develop and upgrade the healing technologies available to us. I Hold the vision that the dragons of Sirius, Pleiades, Orion, Pluto and Neptune are working through the right people bringing ideas, inspirations and resources needed in developing a cure for diseases humanity needs now.


11.  Evolution involves time and patience. As you and others around you are evolving, the Pink Dragons of Quan Yin can wrap you in love and hold you in higher frequencies. Their message for us is to be patient with yourself in the process and remove all judgments. Hold all in your loving compassion and mercy.

In Summary

I wish for you to have the most magical experiences with the dragons. May the dragons uplift you and heal your soul at all levels. Feel free to share your wonderful dragon experiences with me if you like. If you feel a calling to learn more about the dragons or help others do the same, please join us for the upcoming Dragon workshops or Teacher Training courses. Many blessings!

Love, Meghaa Gupta

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