by Susan Browne

Teacher of Unicorns, Angels, Ascension, Lemurian Planetary Healing

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Unicorns first came into my life in a big way in 2009 at the Diana Cooper School of White Light teacher reunion that was held in Dublin that year. I was pregnant at the time with my youngest son. Diana led an extraordinary meditation to connect us with our unicorns, and I went into this visualization so deeply I didn’t want to come out. Even though there was a room full of us, Diana spotted this straight away and asked me ‘have you come out of your body?’ I said ‘yes,’ and some teachers helped me to come back.

I will never forget this profound feeling and the soft, gentle but powerful energy of the unicorns. Since then, I have researched these beautiful beings and done the Unicorn teacher training with Penny Wing in Spain. I was delighted to get Diana’s latest unicorn book which has magnificent energy coming off it, even when it is closed – and felt inspired to write this article.

Unicorns for Meditation

In our mass consciousness Unicorns are associated with children, and sometimes adults find the concept of them being there for grownups as strange. I admit I did too at first. But having felt the energy of the unicorns back in 2009, and met my personal unicorn and got its name I see it differently now. By asking the unicorns to step into your life, you can quickly raise your vibration and enjoy a higher frequency. I find the most powerful way to work with the unicorns is to meditate with them.

If you want to try right now, close your eyes and:

  • Mentally ask the unicorns to surround you.
  • Soften your breathing and be open to the experience.
  • Imagine you are breathing in diamond white light that shimmers brightly as it fills up your physical and your spiritual bodies.
  • Feel your body supported by the chair you are seated in.
  • Notice the soles of your feet and how you are loved by Mother Earth below that holds you strong and with unconditional love.
  • Your unicorn stands in front of you now and connects with you. Notice the spiraling horn of light coming from its third eye.
  • Your unicorn has a message for you and greets you with such love you might feel tingly. Be open to the information, and know that if you don’t perceive it now, it will drop into your mind later.
  • Spend some time here until you feel you are ready to come back into the room.
  • Wriggle your fingers and toes. Ground yourself by acknowledging Mother Earth below your feet.

There are many wonderful unicorn meditations also found in The Magic of Unicorns by Diana Cooper.

I also work with the unicorns in meditation by using unicorn cards. I like to light a candle each day, invite the unicorns to surround me and fill the room I’m in, and then pick a card for guidance for the day. You can choose one digitally when you click here.

Unicorn Documentary on Netflix

To move the unicorns successfully into the consciousness of the adult world, as well as the children’s, we need to make it more normal to talk about them. When people share their experiences, others become curious and want to see for themselves—the more people working with unicorns, the better for the planet and human consciousness. To help get the unicorn documentary on TV, please subscribe/like/comment/share this fantastic pilot episode which lasts just less than twenty minutes and is a very inspirational watch.

Unicorns Helping Loved Ones

Probably not everyone you love believes in unicorns, but you can still ask the unicorns to go to them. Recently my teenage son was returning from working abroad, and he rang late in the night in a panic because he had missed his train. He thought he was now going to miss his flight. I felt so helpless at first. Here was I, a thousand miles away, hearing his distress and unable to do anything. I remembered the unicorns as I had been thinking about them earlier in the day, and asked them to help. My son seemed to calm down suddenly and had an idea to get some assistance. We ended the call, and I told him to let me know what happens.

I closed my eyes and felt a huge wave of love and support coming from the unicorns, and the unmistakable message ‘he is fine – all is in perfect order.’ He sent the text not too long later that he had caught the next train successfully having taken a taxi to the connecting station. The following week when he was at home with us I was chatting to him one day, and I saw in the reflection of the window the shape of a unicorn, made “somehow” by the bedside lamp. I wondered how this was possible and then remembered what had happened.

Work with the Unicorns to Heal Something in your Life

If there is something you are finding challenging at the moment, why not try working with the unicorns for guidance and support. You can ask them simply by saying:

‘Unicorns, please help me to shed more light on this situation so I can be a positive influence and know what to do.’ 

Whatever is happening in your life, by raising your vibrational frequency the doors will fly open to solutions and assistance. You can do this quickly by focusing on gratitude. What do you love? Which things light you up? What do you feel thankful about? Quite often before my feet touch the floor first thing in the morning I say out loud, or in my mind, ten things I feel grateful for. To start the day on the right foot! 

Where you Set your Intention is Where the Magic Happens

If you set your intention and stay true to it, energy grows in that space. For example, if you want to attract more financial abundance in your life with the help of the unicorns, stay true to this intention. Nowadays, in the digital age, life can be fraught with distractions. Some of them are welcome and interesting!! But keep coming back to your intention if that’s what you want to create. Some people like to make an altar specially dedicated to a purpose. 

Find a small table or corner that you can dedicate to being your Unicorn Abundance Altar. Write a powerful affirmation that resonates with you, as though the thing you would like is already in your life. Examples:

I am so happy that financial abundance flows joyfully in my life. There is always enough money for the things I want and need that are for my highest good. My unicorn guides me and showers me with blessings. Thank you! 

I celebrate my joyously healthy body, and I am full of sparkling energy and light. Thank you Unicorns, for guiding me towards foods and activities that support my radiant well being. 

You might like to decorate the affirmation. Place it on the altar then surround it with items that feel good to you. Some fresh flowers, crystals, a feather, a unicorn book/picture/figurine/teddy/cards. A candle that you can light once a day while you meditate at the altar, sending your intention out to the unicorns. Ask them as well, ‘how may I serve today?‘ This creates a balanced exchange, lifts us out of our ego and any neediness we might feel as we are ready to step forward and share our light. 

Keep showing up and things will start to blossom.

Unicorn love and blessings,



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