Five Ways the Unicorns can Enrich your Life

By Surabhi Kalsi

Unicorns are seventh-dimensional beings and are a part of the angelic realm. These beautiful white horses with a spiralling golden horn at the brow chakra can help you in many ways. The Unicorns work at a soul level. They will only come into your life if you ask them to. They respect your free will and will never interfere on their own.

Work with the Unicorns to:

Discover your soul purpose
As the consciousness of our planet rises, more and more people are dissatisfied with traditional jobs, the cycle of earning money and paying bills. They are looking for the bigger purpose and reason for their existence on earth. What is my true calling and life purpose? How can I make my passion my life work? How can I be of service for the greater good of all? Call upon the Unicorns to help you discover and follow your soul purpose and passion. They can help you gain clarity, inspiration and assist you in carrying forward your soul mission.

Fulfil your soul wishes
The Unicorns work at the soul level. They grant soul wishes that make you feel deeply satisfied and fulfilled. You have everything going for you but still feel a sense of lack or emptiness. Even if you don’t understand, the Unicorns understand! The Unicorns can understand your deepest longing and help you find the missing piece. They take your wishes directly to the Creator to be manifested for the highest good.

Gain vision and courage
Sometimes we know what we need to do but don’t have the courage to go forth and make the changes or take the first step. We fear rejection, failure and the unknown. We get comfortable in the not so comfortable but familiar comfort zone! The Unicorns will inspire you, nudge you and help you to have the courage to follow your path.

Balance and heal
Do you feel rage and anger or an emotion that gets triggered and takes over? It makes you feel out of control and leaves you wondering – why did I react like that? A small thing sets you off and you react with too much emotion? We can hold on to anger, hurt, resentment from not just the current life but from our past lives too. Do you have unexplained fears? The past experience from this lifetime and the past lifetimes could be blocking you or causing self-sabotage in your life. The unicorns help to dissolve Karma and to heal deep wounds at physical, emotional and soul level. The Unicorn energy is bright and pure white light and if you call upon them for help they will heal your soul.

Make the right decisions
When faced with a choice, a crucial crossroad or junction in your life, the Unicorns can help you make choices and decisions for your highest good. Call upon the Unicorns to gain insight and help overcome fears and doubts that might be clouding your judgment.

The Unicorns are powerful companions, friends and guides. Allow them into your life and they will help you see the bigger picture and create a vision that fulfils your soul. They carry the energies of love, warmth, magic, courage and purity and will pass on the same to you if you call upon them.

Surabhi Kalsi
Master Teacher for Angels, Unicorns & Transform Your Life