by Kerstin Joost

Fulfilling our Soul Task

In this extraordinary time, countless unicorns are flocking to Earth to help us and the planet to ascend. Perhaps you have already felt the magic of the unicorns in your life. A client of mine told me that one day she unexpectedly noticed one of these magical creatures next to her – and could even feel his touch on her cheek. She was completely overwhelmed and deeply touched. New trust and hope sprouted in her in helping her to deal with a difficult situation, concerning both her health and her job. For a long time she had been looking for a job that fulfilled her whilst also being of service to others.

This wish must have drawn the unicorn to her because this is one of the areas in which they help us. Unicorns are happy to help us fulfil our soul task, while angels are more concerned with matters of the heart. Both unicorns and angels respect our free will, so they need your invitation to help. Remember to ask!

7 Tips to Connect with Unicorns

Perhaps you long to have a unicorn by your side and would like to learn how to attract them. Here are seven ways:

  1. Call the unicorns and ask them to come to you, and then pay attention to signs during the day and in your dreams. Notice the creative way in which the unicorns show themselves: as a balloon, as a print on a bag, in a commercial, in a supermarket, on sweets, in the drugstore on a bath foam. Suddenly they seem to be everywhere and you start to see them as part of your everyday life.
  2. State clearly what you want them to do and ask for visible signs as their answers – be open to receiving these signs.
  3. Paint yourself a picture of a unicorn, or get yourself a toy unicorn. This way you think about them more often and open yourself up for contact.
  4. Go into nature and call them there. Unicorns love a high-vibrational environment.
  5. Read books about unicorns or use unicorn cards, let the unicorns communicate with you through the cards.
  6. Connect with them via crystals: rose quartz, selenite, clear crystal, rainbow moonstone and also pearls are perfect for this purpose.
  7. Bathe in the moonlight. Standing under the light of a full moon especially and open yourself to the magic of the night. During the full moon, even more unicorns come to Earth. The moon can open your causal chakra, which is connected also to Archangel Christiel. This chakra is right above your head and can act as a portal for unicorns.

Learn to Play

Stay relaxed on your journey, ask and be willing to relax and let go, be playful like a child. Unicorns love the innocent, cheerful nature of children and that’s why they appear to them so often. I wish you many wonderful adventures with the unicorns, magical moments and your heart’s desire. Ask the unicorns to shower you with their golden-white light and raise your light quotient. The brighter your light is shining, the stronger your immune system will be.

Lots unicorn blessings,

Kerstin Joost

Teacher of the Diana Cooper School of White Light in Switzerland, also providing spiritual coaching in German and English (online). For more information visit