Unicorns fulfil your wishes!

by Kerstin Joost

Once again I was allowed to experience something very funny and magical at the same time, and I really want to share this with you. On a beautiful summer day, I decided to record some videos for my website. I give webinars about unicorns and was looking for a suitable location to capture their magic and draw attention to my events. I remembered a forest where there was a stream flowing through and where I had the feeling that many elemental beings lived. So I went on an excursion and soon found a beautiful place to record my videos.

There was hardly anyone around and I enjoyed the deep peace and beauty of the forest. Only the gurgling of the stream and the singing of the birds could be heard. Again and again, I looked around and wished with all my heart that I could see the unicorns. “Please, unicorns, show yourselves, let me see you!” I felt their presence, but I could not see them. Still, I felt richly endowed and enjoyed the walk.

Later, when I was on the train, I opened the picture gallery on my smartphone. I saw an overview of my many videos and photos…and there was something else! I found a photo of a unicorn among the nature shots! It was a GIF that a friend had sent me via WhatsApp – exactly while I was taking pictures. It had joined the series of my photos in such a way that it looked as if it was looking straight at me from the forest. I had to laugh out loud and was deeply touched by the ingenuity of these magical beings! I had made a wish and they had fulfilled it – in their own creative way. I hope you enjoy the screenshot of this miracle as much as I do.

With many unicorn blessings, Kerstin Joost, DCSWL unicorn teacher in Switzerland, www.kerstinjoost.com