Hello from Heaven

A series of heartwarming stories of miracles and divine intervention, edited by Meghaa Gupta 

Lost or Found

(This month’s story submitted by Mamta Kukreja)


Angels watch over us, guide us, protect us and assist us in ways beyond our comprehension.
In a recent incident, I stepped out of a restaurant after lunch, and my little 8-year-old daughter volunteered to click a few family pics for us from my phone at the restaurant’s patio.

We stepped out on the main road, and my sister felt she left the car keys on the table at the patio. As I stood relaxed and oblivious on the road waiting for them to return, they came back with my phone instead, which was forgotten on the table outside.
I immediately smiled, my heartwarming up to the knowingness that it was my angels who created this synchronicity (a reason) for them to go back to get my phone in reality, as they knew I would be very troubled if I were to lose it. It, of course, had all my important notes, work data, priceless pics, and contacts on it.

As for the car keys, they were right there in my sister’s handbag 🙂
It’s a wonderful magical feeling to know you are taken care of. I believe in angels, and my surrender and willingness to receive their intervention make life a beautiful, effortless joyful flow of GRACE.