Five Rainbows at our Wedding

by Meghaa Gupta, India

On the day of my wedding this July I woke up with a smile and heart filled with gratitude to all the blessings I have had in my life so far. I folded my hands at my altar and made a special prayer request and extended my invitation to God, to my eternal companions Angels, my beloved Master and to all my invisible helpers, including the fairies, unicorns and the dragons to grace us with their presence at my wedding.

I said in my prayer…

“…….I may not always be able to express myself but I am very very grateful. I pray that you continue to shower my husband and myself with your priceless blessing as we enter into a commitment of love and companionship.

May we experience your miracles everyday of our lives and your radiant light shine upon us and our loved ones always. Please show us a sign that you have heard my prayers as you always do to reassure me of your love and constant presence” 

When the Rainbows began to show…

As a teacher and master teacher with the school I have witnessed many many miraculous experiences but what followed next was surreal. As we were entering the wedding venue, we saw a huge glorious rainbow in the sky welcoming us. As though the Angels were ushering us. Rainbows are a sign from Heaven of celebration, joy and assurance that your angels are here. 

At our wedding altar as my husband and I were taking our vows in the traditional Hindu ceremony, we felt as though a pure shower of white light has washed over us, leaving us in deep stillness, awareness and peace.

We both felt strongly the presence of our Angels, our Master GMCKS and all the beings of light around us, as though they all are here joining our family and loved ones in the celebration and singing.

And the day after the wedding..

On the day after the wedding I happened to look out of the window and again there it was, to my delight, another glorious rainbow cheering us up. Right there I could almost feel my angels hands my head and the back, softly caressing me, speaking to me. I looked up and thanked the angels for the double re assurances rainbows and their signs.

When a double rainbow appeared in the sky for a third day in a row, I knew it was not an ordinary experience we are having.

The day four and five that followed we witnessed the magical rainbows appearing again in the late afternoon sky, saying joyful hello from heaven and then fading away. For the five days from my wedding day the magical rainbows kept forming in the sky. I can not ever describe the bliss, love and joy I experienced those five days. It was truly a miracle to have witnessed such a reaffirmation from Heaven at such a special moment in our lives. I wish for you dear one infinite love and eternal faith in the Creator and all His helpers.


Hello From Heaven!!!

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