Hello From Heaven

A series of heartwarming stories of miracles and divine intervention, edited by Meghaa Gupta

This magical story was shared by Kajal Sachdev, my lovely Angel teacher training student from Delhi.

She shares, ‘It was the full moon of July 2022 and I performed a small ritual of my own and left the house with my cousins to decide the details of my birthday party which was in just three weeks. I enjoy being a host and truly enjoy having lots of friends and family on my birthdays.

That same night at my home I had a bad fall that left a deep cut close to my eye. Extremely disheartened I decide to call off all preps and that this year I will not host a party, rather I will just escape to a quite place.

My husband and close friends encouraged me and made me realise that if I don’t celebrate my birthday in high spirits i will end up probably sulking and feeling more depressed.

Soon enough – I m guided to a “new venue” in town through social media and with a very heavy heart I go to see it. It’s a beautiful outdoor with many tables… I walk to a table and suddenly the staff tells me to sit on a table for 6 people. I did as I was told and where I sat I found a beautiful feather on the sofa. I decide right then – this is it- this is my venue.

Three days before my birthday, in the morning as I roll up the blind of my alter room, I saw what took my breath away. I saw this beautiful – absolutely stunning imprint of wings on the fixed glass window overlooking my alter. I was unbelievable!!!


I could not believe to see something like this. This is a very grand gesture from the Angels for me. I felt deeply encouraged and loved by them. I would keep going to my altar room too look at the Angel wings that they imprinted on my window.

When my outfit arrived that my personal shopper helped my procure, it had Angels written on it that I had not noticed before. I unknowingly picked it!

I had a truly lovely birthday and my cut had healed drastically by then. I wore my lovely dress and had a crystal art done around my eyes that looked like an angel wings and it was a birthday I will never forget!

The wings on my window stayed as they were for three days and the very next morning after my birthday the rains came and washed it off! My life and my inner experiences with the angels have transformed so much from then onwards. It was truly a Hello from Heaven’.


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