NATURE WORLD, Launch of a New Teacher Training Module

By Melinda Elisabeth White Rose


For as long as I can remember, I have had a deep love for nature, immense gratitude, and great respect towards it.

I love the wise trees, beautiful flowers, plants, animals, birds, insects, and stones. Walking bare feet on the seashore, watching the waves of the sea, enjoying a quiet evening with my beloved cat, listening to the bird song in my garden…I could continue the list.


And I know, dear reader, that you understand me, that I am not alone, as nature means so much to all of us.


During these very exciting times, we all are starting to remember our lives in Atlantis or Lemuria. I have a deep connection with Lemuria and many precious memories from those times. Since I started to reconnect to these past life memories, the way I experience nature, and all her realms, broadened and deepened.


I remember the following picture since I was a child:

I am coming out of a temple, and I am walking down a hill towards the sea. Everything on my way is magical and alive with joy and vibrancy: the plants, the flowers, the grass below my feet. I see and feel the song of Gaia mixing with the song of every plant I pass by. I feel and sense the elemental beings, and I connect to them. I understand them all; I know, and I relate to each living being. Everything is alive, and my heart is deeply filled with love, gratitude, and Oneness.

It is almost impossible to describe this picture, as it is so intense and so alive! This precious memory is so ancient.


And yet, going into my favorite forest today, I can feel the same magical aliveness. I can sense the trees and the nature elementals tending them, and I can connect to all the realms in the same way. And depending on my frequency, they answer in the same way as they did in Lemuria. Our sacred role is to bring back this deep connection with nature and all her realms. To honor and respect nature once more, just as we have done in Lemuria and Atlantis.


Therefore, I have the true joy of introducing the new manual of the Diana Cooper School of White Light, called the Nature World Module. This module is doing just that: helping you to have such a deep and pure connection with nature, just as it was done during the Golden Ages.


It is a beautiful and complete manual of all nature kingdoms: birds, insects, trees, flowers, minerals, as well as the angelic and elemental realms who look after them. It is packed with knowledge, high-frequency visualizations, exercises, exciting to do projects, and, most of all, a deep understanding and a holistic way to look at and understand nature.


The inspiration for this course came directly from the mighty Seraphim Seraphina in August last year. And I believe that her beautiful, high energy has blessed every step of this course and each teacher who contributed to it. The mighty Seraphim, Seraphina, is instrumental in the ascension of all nature. Her light blesses every one of us who are in service for nature and her realms.


This course helps us understand our place and our responsibility as stewards of the natural world. We learn ways to be of service to the natural world. We understand how to work together with the Nature Elementals, Angels, and Higher Beings, to build a future where nature and all her realms are truly honored and respected.

The Master Teachers providing this training are Franziska Siragusa, Carol de Vasconcelos, Sameeta Nanjiani, Meghaa Gupta, Mildren Ryan, Penny Wing, and Susanne Rudd.


Link to find more about Nature World Module

In Love and Light,