Making Cherry Tree Flower Essence

by Melinda-Elisabeth White Rose

Dear all,

I would like to share the sacred process of making my own Flower Essence, which I have discovered recently. I have used flower essences, mostly the Bach Flower Remedies, for many years. But then, in Spring this year, after reading a valuable book mentioned at the end of this article, I started making my own flower essences.

Asking the Nature Spirits for Help with this Beautiful Process

I have asked the lovely nature elementals from the garden for their help with making Flower Essences (FE). I was guided to make seven of them from seven different plants living in the garden. With every one of these plants, I have a deep and loving connection from my childhood:

  • Violet Flower Essence
  • Cherry Tree Flower Essence
  • Hawthorn Tree Flower Essence
  • Dandelion Flower Essence
  • Yarrow Flower Essence
  • Rose Flower Essence
  • Elder Flower Essence

Making the Violet and the Cherry Tree essences deepened my connection with the incredible plant and tree beings immensely.  From the first idea until the bottling of the valuable drops, the whole process was so joyful and so fulfilling!

How to make the Cherry Tree Flower Essence:

Cherry Tree, the beautiful tree being

I have this amazing cherry tree in the garden. I try not to call it my garden, as I believe we cannot own nature; we are but guardians. I called the garden Angel Gates, as it has very high energy.

This was the tree I first talked to, as soon as we moved into our new house, a year ago. And every time I am sitting at the bottom of the garden, I am looking at this wonderful tree being. It is a wild cherry, or bird cherry, as it is called in Danish, as the birds and insects love it.

So, I was delighted when the inspiration came to make flower essence from these exquisite flowers. And there are billions of them each year. When they start falling, it looks like snow, covering the whole garden, so pure and beautifully white.

Below is the message I have received from the tree after picking the flowers, and while I was sitting quietly with the precious bowl of water filled with the flowers :

The teaching of the Cherry Tree, about how to use the Cherry Tree Flower Essence:

‘Come and pick my flowers, dear child. They are for you to use and be nourished by.

My flowers are pure Light, highest beauty, attunement to the Divine, purity, joy, sweetness of life, and perfect abundance.  They connect you to Source and your own highest being.

By finding your own Light and connecting to Source, can you find your true, powerful inner Light and bring it out clearly, powerfully purely, into the world.

I am also grounding you and connecting you to the world of birds and insects. ‘


When to use the Cherry Tree Flower Essence

‘When can I use your sacred essence, dear tree being?’ I asked.

‘On a day when you need to connect to your soul or on a dark day of any kind. Then I will fill that day with Light and connection, purity, and joy.

On a day you want to connect to Angels and Unicorns – for purity, cleansing, raising your energy.

On a day you want to strengthen your connection with Source, Mother Earth and all Her kingdoms.’ The tree replied.


Deep Meditative Connection

As I was profoundly connecting with the tree, I felt like I was one with the essence of the flowers. I was dancing in Light and total purity. I felt the energy of creativity, joy, purity, abundance, and Light Itself. I was the tree, growing huge, filling the whole universe, reaching to and journeying with the Cosmic Whales. This gave me a feeling of Oneness and sacred connection.

I became aware of the essence and the Light of the tree and its beautiful flowers as they sank into the bowl of water, filling it with pure Light.


The steps of how I make my own flower essence:

I like to infuse the water with moonlight during the last full moon before I make my essence.

The day before:

I bless the water and fill it with the energy of Love, Healing, Angelic Light.

I connect to the plants the day before, opening for connection. I love this part.  I ground, centre, and protect myself, and I ask permission from the plant for this connection.

I genuinely experience the plant through my senses: I touch, smell, look at, feel the beautiful plant or tree.  I open my heart towards the plant and listen to the messages, images and thoughts that come up.

At the end of this connection, I thank the plant being and offer a small present (water, sending healing Light, or a small empty shell, for example).

I then ask the plant if I may make flower essence with its flowers. I ask once more, on the day. Just to make sure.

On the day:

Picking the flowers

I ask permission for making the Flower Essence. I connect to the nature spirits nearby, the flower’s spirit, and my guides and ask for their blessing.

Then I am ready to pick the flowers. I am up very early to pick them; I like the energy of the morning). I prepare a clear glass bowl, and I place the prepared water in it.

I pick the flowers slowly, sensing how many feels right. Cherry blossoms are plentiful, but when using violets, I gathered from several plants. Each time asking for permission and picking 1-2 flowers from each plant group, ensuring plenty are left.

While picking the cherry blossoms, I filled the whole surface of my glass bowl with flowers. However, while picking Violets, half of the surface of my glass bowl was filled (please see pictures).

Sitting with the Flowers for Deep Connection and Vision

After picking the flowers, I sit with the bowl for a time that feels right, connecting to the flowers in silence. I spend a part of this time in deep reflection. It gives me new insights and images, and knowledge about the plant. I sit with my notebook and pen and write down everything. The rest of the time I can spend by drawing, or just enjoying the day, quietly.

For Violet, I was guided to let the flowers stay in the water for three hours. For the Cherry tree flowers, I prepared the Mother Essence in the evening, so the flowers were in the water for the whole day. After this time, I took the flowers out from the water and offered them to the garden’s Nature Elementals.


Preparing the essence

You will need:

Amber bottle, size 2 ounce – for the Mother Essence

Amber Bottle size 1 ounce – for the Stock Essence

Amber Bottle, ½ ounce – for the Dosage Essence

Brandy or vinegar


Bottling and mixing the essence

Mother Essence:

I filled an amber bottle, size 2 ounce, with 1/3 brandy or vinegar and 2/3 flower water. The rest of the flower water I offered to Mother Earth. This is the Mother Essence, which, as I understood, can keep indefinitely (I am sure I will use it all this year, though).

Stock Essence:

I filled the 1ounce bottle with 1/3 brandy and 2/3 clear water; I added ten drops of the Mother Essence. This keeps for ten years, as I understood.

Dosage Essence:

I filled the ½ ounce bottle with 1/3 brandy and 2/3 clear water. I added five drops of the stock essence. This keeps for 30 days.


How to use the essence:

Use 2 drops of the Dosage Essence in a big glass of water and drink it throughout the day. I also added five drops of the Dosage Essence to my room cleansing and purifying spray which is made from rose water.


I hope this article inspires you to try out making your own beautiful flower essences. Enjoy the deep and sacred connection and the healing gifts of the beautiful Plant Realm for yourself!


In Love and Light,

Melinda-Elisabeth White Rose,



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