Full Moon Meditation – 20th October 2021

A Journey to Meet the Mighty Pan and Archangel Purlimiek and Join the Lightworkers serving the Nature Kingdom

  1. Take a deep breath and feel your whole body relaxing.
  2. Feel your beautiful golden roots connecting you to Mother Earth.
  3. Connect to Source and bring back the deep love and light of Source into your heart.
  4. Feel how the light and love from Source and Mother Earth fill your heart and spread throughout your body.
  5. Ask Archangel Michael to place his deep blue light over you for protection.
  6. Call in the mighty Unicorns to protect you with their pure, clean energy, and be aware of their light around you.
  7. You are in a beautiful place in Nature. It is nighttime, and the huge, full, golden Moon is shining over the whole landscape.
  8. Now become aware of your Guardian Angel, your Unicorn and Dragon companion at your side.
  9. Together, you find yourselves in front of an old, old gate. Passing through the gate, you start walking on a beautiful path leading into an ancient forest.
  10. Both sides of that path are guarded by ancient oaks, and you know, deep in your heart, that they are the Guardians of this ancient forest.
  11. You greet the Guardians and ask for their blessing on your journey.
  12. You receive their blessing. You feel it deeply in your Heart and your Solar Plexus Chakra, like a deep love and connection with the whole of Nature. The golden Moon above empowers even more of this sacred feeling.
  13. You continue your journey with your sacred companions, enjoying the magical night. You can even hear a little spring in the distance. All your senses are alive and you are feeling joyful and excited, as you know that you are going to meet with the Angels of Nature.
  14. You arrive at a clearance, surrounded once more by old oak trees. The place has the shape of a perfect circle. As you enter the ring, you can see that beautiful, powerful white crystals have been placed around the edges of it. As the full Moon shines through them, there is an incredible magical feeling to the place.
  15. You enter the circle and make yourself comfortable, together with your sacred companions, once more breathing in the beauty and the magic of the place.
  16. Suddenly, you realize that you are not alone, and as you turn, you see the mighty Master Pan at your side. He is magnificent! You know, deep into your heart, that he is the powerful nine-dimensional being overseeing the natural world and all Nature Spirits.
  17. He smiles at you and gives you a blessing, activating, at the same time, codes and keys in your energy field so that you can connect to Nature at a much deeper level from now on.
  18. As these codes integrate into your energy field, you feel ONE with all the plants, the trees, and the crystals around you. The beauty, joy and intensity of this is so powerful! Take some time to feel this feeling of Oneness fully.
  19. You thank the mighty Pan for this blessing, and he says: For thousands of years, humans lived separated from Nature, ignoring their pledge to be guardians and stewards of her and all her realms. Now it is time to return to the old, sacred connection of Oneness and to step up to that responsibility. Those who answer this call will be blessed in many, many ways! He also explains to you that many Lightworkers now have the sacred soul purpose of helping Nature regain her place of honor and that you can be one of them if you choose to be. If you do, you can become one of the Lightworkers Master Pan, Archangel Purlimiek, and the Seraphim Seraphina are closely working with. He further explains to you that it is a true honor and privilege to be on that team, so if you decide to be, take your pledge seriously. This mighty being blesses you, and then he is gone, just as suddenly as he came.
  20. Then, a beautiful green-blue light fills the circle, and you instantly know that the mighty Archangel Purlimiek, the Archangel of Nature himself, is standing beside you.
  21. Take some time to connect to his glorious light and feel his energy. In a quiet, peaceful voice, which feels like the wind sweeping through grasses, he explains to you that everything in Nature has its purpose. You learn that the green color of Nature is true healing, how the yellows, blues and reds, and all the colors of the flowers connect us humans to the mighty Archangels. He further explains that the birds have messages for us; all animals and insects serve Mother Earth in their own way. They all have their mission. Nature is ready to take her place back on the planet, this mighty Archangel says. And YOU can do so much to contribute to this positive change. In what ways would you like to help this shift happen? Take the time you need so that you receive the answer to this question from Archangel Purlimiek.
  22. Thank you so much for your valuable service work, says Archangel Purlimiek. I now invite you to visit the Hall of Nature to learn more about the Natural World and her beautiful realms. Simply express your wish to see the Hall of Nature in your sleep, and you will be allowed to do so as many times as you wish. You thank Archangel Purmiliek from your heart for this beautiful opportunity.
  23. You feel the love of your Guardian Angel, Unicorn, and Dragon companion, empowering this meeting further with their blessing and love. You look once more around the magical, sparkling circle and to the ancient oaks around it. You say farewell and slowly walk back to where you started, followed by your sacred companions. You go through the old gate and find yourself where you set out.
  24. Ground yourself by being aware of your beautiful golden roots.
  25. Ask Archangel Michael’s protection around you.
  26. Take some deep breaths, and open your eyes when you are ready.