A Warm Summer Day with Unicorn Blessings

by Melinda-Elisabeth White Rose

Dear all,

I would like to share with you a lovely experience I had on a warm summer day.

I was on my way to work, sitting on the tram, together with many other passengers. The clinic I work in is situated in Copenhagen, close to sea and strand and close to Copenhagen Airport.

On this hot summer day, the tram was filled with families on their way to enjoy the sea and sunshine. Many were also travelling with heavy luggage to the airport. So the whole energy in the carriage was heavy, tired, and dense.

I am an intuitive empath, and I work with highly sensitive and empathic clients. Suppose you are yourself an empath or a sensitive person, dear reader. In that case, you will know that we have one thing in common: we very easily take on other people’s energy. We are energetic sponges.

So I sat in the busyness, grounding and centring myself and asking the Unicorns to fill my energy field with their light, protection and healing. My wonderful Unicorn Guide was doing such blessed work, and I was now two stations away from my destination.

Then suddenly, I received a message from my unicorn:

‘If you enjoy this, imagine what positive change we could bring to all these people!’

It is always an honour to be of service, I reflected.

So, I called in all Unicorns who wanted to assist and asked them to flood all carriages with their light, healing, joy and beauty. I requested them to touch the hearts and the souls of every person travelling in this tram throughout the day. I asked this under the Law of Grace and for the highest good of all involved.

I could feel the energy of many shimmering Unicorns coming in, filling the carriages with their pure light.

I was now close to my own station, so I walked towards the doors. On my way, I passed two families with their children, and all three children started laughing.

This started a whole wave of laughing as other children joined in. Then, as I was getting off, I could see adults were beginning to smile. Who can resist the beautiful, honest joy of a child?

As I was getting off, I thanked the Unicorns for their beautiful work and for allowing me to see its effects.


Sending you all lots of Unicorn blessings and wishing you a blessed and joy-filled summer.

In Love and Light,

Melinda Elisabeth White Rose

Lightworker & Spiritual Teacher