by Newsletter Editor,

Susan Browne

Have you thought about writing an article for the newsletter and website and wondered how to go about it?

Here are a few tips:


  1. Write down up to five spiritually based topics you feel excited about.
  2. Brainstorm what you know about these things. Then, think of the wisdom you would like to share on these topics.
  3. Now choose your favourite. Keep brainstorming and jotting down ideas.
  4. Please browse our other previously published articles to see what you like about how these are written and structured. 
  5. Now start writing your own article. I like to use Google docs, so no matter what device I have with me, I can write down any ideas that come into my mind.
  6. Open the door to ideas and guidance from your spiritual team, who will work through you if you ask them. Take your time. Enjoy yourself. There’s no rush.
  7. Write approximately 1000 words about your topic, take the time to read over it, and add new ideas. Then, watch how it grows once you’ve set your intention and called in your heavenly helpers.
  8. Read it aloud and see how it sounds. Make any further changes. Grammarly has a free version if you want to spell and grammar check your work. 
  9. Choose a nice image to go with your article (always make sure it’s copyright-free, you can use Pixabay or Unsplash). Then, visualise many people reading and enjoying your article.
  10. Send it to Susan and Meghaa at


Thank you!!