Julia Krusemark‘s experience of the Regional Meeting in Germany in November 2019

Here I attempt to convey our regional Angel Teachers’ Meeting of the German-speaking Diana Cooper School of White Light in Pfaffenhofen, a beautiful, small town in the south not far from Munich where I live.

“It was so huge that I cannot really describe it in words. It was amazingly and wonderfully beautiful.” 

It felt like my heart family of souls came to me and I was warmly sheltered and protected. We had a very high vibrational program and I think our work had a considerable effect on the planet. We worked for the highest good of all and generated amazing high energy in and around us that spread out far and wide.

I want to say thanks:

Thank you for coming and having a great day together.
Thank you for helping to create this wonderful program.
Thank you for pampering our taste buds with the many delicacies brought along.
Thank you that you exist!


I haven’t experienced such an extremely high vibrational weekend for a long time. On Saturday in the regional meeting, we experienced many visualisations and exercises and on Sunday a great Lemurian healing day with Diana in Pullach near Munich.

Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words, so I have put together a small collage for you, see above. 

In love and gratitude,