Card Readings by Surabhi Kalsi

Unicorn Cards by Diana Cooper

Guidance Message ~

Mother Mary shows up with her Unicorns. She is a symbol of the divine feminine ~ the energy that is the womb of creation.

You are guided to connect with your divine feminine energy, your creative self.

A change of career where you get to express your creative energy and perhaps something that is close to your heart or is your calling is a positive way forward. Follow your strong intuitive feelings, your instinct to move forward.

If you are unsure about what path to follow, outline things that you are good at, that you love to do and that makes your heart sing. Then plan to put them in action in a practical way.

Call in the help of Mother Mary and the Unicorns with this prayer ~

Dear Mother Mary and the Unicorns

Please help me take my next step with clarity. Fill me with inspiration so that I can create wonderful things in this world using my creative energy. Help me take divine right action that brings me my greatest good.

Thank you!

You may enfold yourself in Mother Mary’s aquamarine cloak each day and ask the unicorns to surround you with their light.

Be open to receiving their help through signs, repetitive feelings, inspired ideas etc.