We welcome our new Master Teachers graduates Kerstin Joost and Wiebke Detlefs, ready to step into their new role as Master Teachers with Diana Cooper School of White Light, trained by our Principal Teacher Franziska Siragusa, qualified in November 2019. Kerstin and Wiebke are wonderful teachers and they are now ready to anchor more light on this planet and train new Teachers soon through their Teacher Training Courses.


Master Teacher Training in Germany – June 2020

Are you ready to take the next step on your journey with the Diana Cooper School of White Light?

We recognize that you, as a Diana Cooper School of White Light Teacher, display strong commitment and dedication to the School’s vision through your workshops, talks and spiritual guidance. Your role is vital, and in its own right, creates personal mastery and ascension.

Some of you may also wish to become Master Teachers within the School. The Role of the Master Teacher is to teach other people to teach.  You will appreciate that this role brings with it a high level of responsibility – ultimately the standard of your teaching will affect the spiritual development of many people throughout the world.

The Diana Cooper School of White Light has created an apprentice scheme. This scheme includes your own personal development plan which helps you to work towards meeting all the necessary criteria.

As a Master Teacher you will also have a responsibility for the stewardship, care and evolution of the Diana Cooper School.

Being a Master Teacher is very rewarding.  It is a privilege to see students develop and grow through their training.  It is also an honor to facilitate and share part of their journey.

The dates for the training are 29  June – 1 July 2020. The venue is in Untermeitingen, near Munich, Germany.  Please contact Principal Teacher Franziska Siragusa at angeldolphins@gmail.com if you are interested in becoming a Master Teacher and for further details.