by Manjula K Singh

I am delighted to share my experience of a very special nature walk I enjoyed at Adyar Eco Park in Chennai, India with some of my students. Answering my inner calling, I organised a visit for my students, who are healers and seekers too. I often bring students for a nature walk, give a small talk on nature, energies, and we meditate, have some fun and small snacks, depending on the guidance I get on the day. On this particular day many of my Lemurian workshop attendees were with me.

We immediately felt a deep connection to this place which has roots of Lemurian history connected to Chennai and Southern parts of India. We also captured some orbs in our pictures, shown below.

Located in the southern part of India, Chennai usually has warm weather, so in winters we spend time out in nature. I chose to bring the group to someplace we had never been before. I was drawn to be at the Tholkappiar Poonga, also known as Adyar Eco Park.

The park is rich in diverse varieties of trees and plants. Being so sensitive, almost every one of us perceived intense energy downloads at different points in the park. At some places we stood meditatively and looked deeply at the trees, and at the sun, not knowing what had made want us to explore these spaces. We also took photos where we felt guided at various spots in the park. Our meditation experience was deep and profound.

My Experience

I felt strongly that there are Lemurian Crystals still within the Earth at this location, and that this is a place where Lemurians lived. We have some historical evidence that the Lemurian Age existed in Tamil Nadu and other parts of Southern India.

It is believed that an ancient Tamil civilization existed on Lemuria before it was lost to the sea in a catastrophe. In the 20th century, the Tamil writers started using the name “Kumari Kandam” to describe this submerged continent. Kumari Kandam is often described as ‘the cradle of civilization’.

There are some Tamil books written about the Lemurian Age and Tamil Civilisation. As a Lemurian Teacher, I can say that the Lemurian Civilisation and their Crystals still exist here. I could sense that the energies are very much alive and still present here, and I would like to see this explored more deeply.

Honouring the Connection

As a group, we have decided to visit the park every year in winter as a retreat and connect to its intense energies.