This month we will work with the Dragons. They are magnificent beings who help clear dense energies and help you move forward on your path. Many dragons are assisting us right now.

Dragon Cards By Diana Cooper

Guidance Message –
You are asked to work with Archangel Michael’s deep blue dragons. They help clear away lower energies and negative thought patterns. They protect your energies as you go through your day to day activities. We tend to pick up energies from our environment and surroundings. These dragons help us in clearing away all that does not serve us. Here is a visualisation to assist you.

Visualisation – Working with Archangel Michael’s Deep Blue Dragons to clear away dense lower energies

  1. Find a place where you won’t be disturbed.
  2. Sit down and close your eyes.
  1. Bring your attention to your breath and focus on this rhythm of life that is with you at all times
  2. Allow yourself to relax completely.
  3. Now call upon the earth dragons to help you ground your energies into Mother Earth.
  4. A beam of white light from the Source enfolds you completely.
  5. Archangel Michael steps forward and places his deep blue cloak of protection around you, zipping it up from toe to chin, covering your head with a hood.
  6. Archangel Faith enfolds you in her light.
  7. Legions of Archangel Michael’s blue dragons surround you now.
  8. You are in complete surrender as Archangel Michael’s powerful dragons remove any dense energy from your Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional bodies.
  9. These could be stuck energies, negative thought forms, energies that you may have picked up from others, etheric cords, past life memories etc.
  10. Now the blue dragons are sweeping through your home and environment, removing these lower energies. You can see them sweeping through your home and transmuting lower energies up to one kilometer around you.
  11. You may ask these mighty dragons to clear out a specific space.
  12. Ask the blue dragons to be with you, helping you in keeping your energies clear and keeping low vibration thoughts at bay.
  13. You may ask them to be with your loved ones, or any particular person who needs their help.
  14. You may send the blue dragons to our beloved planet or any particular place and ask for their assistance in clearing away lower energies.
  15. When you feel ready, thank the Dragons and Archangels Michael & Faith.
  16. Once again bring your attention to your breath, settle in the familiarity of your body, feel the anchoring of Mother Earth, very gently open your eyes.