This month we work with the Dragon Cards by Diana Cooper.

Dragons are elemental beings that can help us clear dense energies. Do you know many dragons are working with us to help us move forward?

Guidance Message

The Dusky Pink Dragon from Andromeda shows up.

It urges you to open up your heart to receiving and giving love. Send out love to everyone you are connected with.


Work with the Dusky Pink Dragon from Andromeda to open up to Higher Love

1/ Sit where you won’t be disturbed.
2/ Close your eyes and relax.
3/ Visualise a bubble of pure white light around you. See it forming roots and grounding you.
4/ Breathe in this light. Send it to your heart center.
5/ Now ask the Dusky Pink Dragon from Andromeda to step in front of you.
6/ The dragon is enfolding you in it’s light.
7/ Accept this higher love and see it radiating out of you. Let it fill your entire being.

8/ Have a sense of all your chakras resonating with this energy of love.
9/ When you feel complete, thank the Dragon, adjust your chakras and aura.

10/ See yourself enfolded in the pink light of love.
11/ Thank the Dragon.

12/ Open your eyes.
13/ Namaste