Card Readings by Surabhi Kalsi

Unicorn Cards by Diana Cooper

Guidance message ~

It’s time to say goodbye to hopelessness. This card is reminding you that You are the power in your world. You are a Divine Sovereign Being. Have you been basing your self worth on things outside of you? On your relationship status, things you own, your bank balance and titles you hold?
Know that you are worthy and lovable just the way you are. Know that the will and power is within you.

Prayer is a powerful tool for transformation. Use this prayer to call in the help of Unicorns

Dear Unicorns
Please enfold me in your light and help me connect to my Soul Self. Help me find my truth. Who am I truly? And what are my true beliefs? What truly matters to me?

Let the answers to these questions guide you to create a life full of joy, hope and personal power.