This month we work with the Unicorn Cards by Diana Cooper. Unicorns work at Soul Level and help with Soul Wishes and Soul Purpose. They hold the energy of Joy, compassion, fun, inspiration and enlightenment.

Guidance Reading by Surabhi

Guidance Card July 2020

Guidance Message ~

We are the choices that we make. Sometimes we are blind sided by our limiting thoughts, past patterns and fears invariably drawing the same experience again into our lives. If presented with a situation that seems to be a pattern or a recurring theme where you find yourself reacting with past baggage and fear ~ stop and surrender the situation to the divine. Make the choice to not make a choice right away. Let it be – neither holding on not letting go. Call upon your angels, unicorn and ask them to show you another way of looking at the situation. Let them shift your vibration and your perspective.

Here is a simple prayer ~

Dear Unicorns

Please help me see the truth in this situation. Anchor me in love so that I may see and understand without fear, judgement or baggage. I release all past experience. It does not define me. Or anything else in my life. Help me make a choice from the space of love. And so it is. Thank you.

And then when you feel ready and centred you will make the choice that will honour you. The right choice will present itself with clarity.