Welcome to 2021! It’s the first month of the New Year and a new decade. This month we work with the Animal Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper.

Card from the Animal Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper

This month, let’s start the New Year intentionally. Let’s dare to be different.

This is my favorite practice at the beginning of the year.

Take some time to “Be” and call upon Archangel Jophiel and the Hyena to inspire you. You may use a piece of paper and pen and contemplate

What WORD would you like to be the theme, the vibe, and the centrepiece for 2021?

Step 1 – Choose 3-5 words that resonate with you, from the attached Graphic or pick your own.

Step 2 – Observe if there is a common theme that emerges

Step 3 – Pick one word that resonates the most for this year! Dare to be different.

Ask Yourself, How can I choose and create experiences that are in alignment with my word for this year?

My word for this year is Celebratory! Pick yours and share with your family and friends!