The Lilac Fire Dragon shows up. They carry the ninth-dimensional Lilac Fire of the Source energy. They will help bring peace, wisdom, enlightenment and joy to you.

Dragon Cards by Diana Cooper

Guidance Message ~

Work with these dragons to release what no longer serves you, enhance your divine feminine energy and to open your heart.
As we open our hearts, it allows us to connect more deeply with the divine cosmic heart and be our true selves.

Let’s work with the Lilac Fire Dragons to release 2020 and enter 2021 with an open heart

1/ Sit comfortably.
2/ Close your eyes.
3/ Visualise the earth dragons coming forward and helping you ground.
4/ See the lilac fire dragons arriving with Archangel Zadkiel, Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Chamuel.
5/ See the lilac fire dragons pouring their light into your heart.
6/ You can hold the intention – I am willing to let go of anything that no longer serves me, I am willing to let go of the need to stay small or struggle. I am willing to be in alignment with my life path and purpose.
7/ The dragons are transmuting what no longer serves you cleansing you, always working for your highest good. They are filling you with hope and inspiration.
8/ Archangel Chamuel is helping you now to open your heart so that it can connect deeply with the divine cosmic heart.
9/ See and feel your connection to the divine cosmic heart. What does it look/feel like?
10/ When you feel complete thank these magnificent beings, adjust your chakras and aura to a comfortable level.
11/ Surround yourself with a beautiful pink bubble of love.
12/ Open Your Eyes with Gratitude. Namaste.

This month, work with the affirmative mantra – I am love. I am open and receptive to love. I express my true nature that is love in all my interactions and thoughts. I radiate love. I see with the eyes of love.

Repeat this mantra as often as you can and invite the lilac fire dragons to work closely with you.