Strawberry Moon

American Indians named the Full Moon in June, the “Strawberry Moon’’ to honour this sweet fruit, a vital food source that ripens at this time of year. In Anglo-Saxon Traditions it is known as the “Honey Moon”.

Sit comfortably, place your feet firmly on the floor and centre yourself.

Take three deep breaths and relax, more and more with each breath.

Feel your wonderful silvery-golden roots connecting you firmly with Mother Earth. Let them grow from the soles of your feet into the earth,

deeper and deeper, and you will see them wrap themselves around the great crystal of Mother Earth. Feel the wonderful nourishing energy of Mother Earth flowing up through your roots into your heart.

At the same time a huge pillar of light descends from the sky, enveloping you completely, and pure white light flows into your heart. You feel completely safe and connected to Father Heaven and Mother Earth. Archangel Michael puts his dark blue protective cloak around you.

Now, you are completely safe.

You are standing on a snow-covered mountain. It is a clear, cold night. You are dressed warmly and enjoying the pure clear air. The huge full moon is above you and thousands of snow crystals sparkle around you in it’s light. You have the feeling that you are particularly close to the moon here and suddenly you know that you are in the Himalayas. A fire lights up near you and you walk towards it. Archangel Christiel and your personal unicorn are waiting for you there.

You take your time and first you say hello to your unicorn. It is very happy to see you and you happily stroke it. Your unicorn is very excited and tells you that you have a special mission today. Archangel Christiel comes closer and envelops you in his milky white light.

You greet him joyfully and feel how you immediately become calmer and more peaceful in his presence. Archangel Christiel explains to you that you also have your own full moon above your head. It is your causal chakra and is also called the peace chakra.

Archangel Christiel and your unicorn tell you that if you forgive someone you can immediately do something for peace in the world. Your unicorn touches your heart with its horn, and your heart opens wider. Allow your heart to open as wide as feels good for you.

Who is the first person that comes to your mind. Who do you want to forgive today? If multiple people show up, choose the one that feels the most appropriate for today. Suddenly you have a piece of paper in your hand with a name on it.

The moon shines above you and you say loudly, ‘I forgive you’ and throw the piece of paper into the fire. Archangel Christiel and your unicorn smile at you, and it seems to you that the moon is also smiling at you.

Archangel Christiel points his finger at the moon, and to your amazement a silvery staircase unfolds from the moon right down to where you are standing.

Your unicorn asks you to sit on its back and it runs up the stairs to the moon with great ease, and you are completely safe on its back.

When you arrive on the moon, you get off and look around. Your unicorn takes you to a beautiful lake. It shines in pale light and invites you to bathe in its magical water. Archangel Christiel asks you to give him your clothes. You go naked into the water and the water is warm and pleasant. You feel completely safe and accepted by this warm water and let yourself drift, and if you want you can submerge completely.

Take a moment to enjoy this magical bath.

When you come out, Archangel Christiel has beautiful new clothing for you. Let yourself be surprised by what it looks like, and put it on.

Now, it is time to return to earth, and your unicorn walks lightly with you on its back down the silver stairs to the earth, to your plateau in the Himalayas. The fire is still burning and you see the others who have also gathered here for this full moon meditation.

Archangel Christiel co-ordinated it and he has another surprise for you. He asks you to look up at this beautiful moon and you suddenly see hundreds of unicorns coming down from Lyra to the moon, and from the moon down the silvery stairs to you. Enjoy this beautiful picture and keep it in your heart.

You look around and all the others are also enchanted by this image and this grace that is happening today. You know that through your forgiveness the energy of the earth has become brighter, and hundreds of additional unicorns can bring their light to the earth, and also add their light to the Causal Chakra of the Earth, located above Tibet.

You are very touched that you were able to contribute to peace on earth today. You are now holding your two neighbours by the hand and sending your love and your wishes for peace out into the world.

Know that you have made a difference today. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

When you are ready, take some deep breaths and have a good stretch. Open your eyes in your own time and come back to your room.