Full Moon Meditation – January 25th 2024

This is the first full moon of this year, and has names like cold moon and wolf moon. This full moon is in Leo emphasizing creative pursuits, connections and building confidence through self-expression. It is time to lay plans and enhance our core soul strength for the year ahead.

Archangel Uriel and Aurora are connecting with us to boost our wisdom and knowledge, and dissolve any lower frequencies, so we are empowered in our soul self and free to claim this year and its energy.

– Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes if you wish to and take a few deep breaths. Focus on your heart and see it opening as wide as possible.

– Be aware of your strong silvery golden roots growing deep into the Earth and anchoring you deep into the heart of Lady Gaia.

– The love from lady Gaia flows to you through your roots and is anchored in your heart. Breathe deeply, and send love from your heart and the energies of Lady Gaia to Source, who sends their love to you too. You are aware of your

strong and stable connection to Source and Lady Gaia.

– Call Archangel Michael to surround you in his deep blue energy of protection, and you feel safe and stable. You are surrounded by the Christ Light as you prepare for the journey.

– Relax and focus on your breathing. With each breath you are letting go the outer world and coming into your blessed heart. As you come into your heart you are suddenly aware that you are sitting on top of a beautiful snow-covered mountain. You feel warm and grounded in the beauty of your surroundings. You look around and there is the full moon shining down and bathing you in its divine light. The mountain top is infused with this silvery ray of moon energy. You feel safe and blesed to be here.

– You are relaxed and absorbing the beauty of the moon when you become aware of a bubble of pearlescent energy approaching you. You feel your heart brimming with joy as the bubble starts taking the shape of your unicorn. You know that the magic of your journey has started. The unicorn approaches you and bends its head to look straight into your eyes and shower you with the purest of the pure energy which holds you into your divinity.

– The unicorn invites you to ride on its back and you find yourself safe and gliding smoothly upwards and onwards. You are reassured also by the presence of your guardian angel. You and your unicorn enter a realm where there is deep stillness and yet you feel angels are singing and holding the high vibration of this realm.

– Your unicorn stops in front of a beautiful temple. You step off your unicorn and are rendered speechless by the beauty of this temple, which is surrounded by a ruby hue. This is a vast structure which is shaped like a rose and surrounded by glowing and warming rube energy. You realise that you are blessed to be in the retreat of ARCHANGEL URIEL and ARCHANGEL AURORA.

– Your guardian angel walks you to the entrance of this beautiful rose-shaped temple and as you reach it the door opens by itself. You find Archangel Uriel and Archangel Aurora welcoming you inside and inviting you into the main hall. You see the temple has so many ruby crystals and so many spiritual geometrical shapes and key words on the walls.

– Archangel Uriel and Archangel Aurora invite you to sit on the throne in the middle of the hall. The throne is so beautiful, made of ruby and spreading the energy of peace and harmony around the hall. As soon as you sit on it you start feeling still and relaxed. You feel your aura and chakras opening and being filled with the energy of peace and harmony.

– Archangel Uriel extends his hand and touches your solar plexus, you feel it totally relaxing and being filled with the energy of peace and harmony. Archangel Uriel looks at you and in silent gaze reminds you of your purity as a soul. He asks you to close your eyes as he works on your solar plexus and aura to completely fill them with the energies of peace, harmony and wisdom.

This grace quietly purifies this centre of your self-worth.

– Archangel Uriel reminds you how important you are in the creation of the New Golden Age and thanks you for your commitment in raising your vibration and becoming co-creator of the New Golden Age. Archangel Aurora now comes forward and moves her hand over your aura and fills it with her bright shining energy to boost your worth and connection to spirit. You feel so relaxed and yet energized with this grace and gift which will support you in this powerful new year.

– You sit up and look around, and now with raised vibration you are able to further see and feel the radiance and light of this temple. You get up and thank both Archangel Uriel and Aurora for their gifts and support. You walk back to the entrance of the temple with both Archangels and find your guardian angel waiting there. You start your journey back on your unicorn and accompanied by your guardian angel.

– You suddenly find yourself back on the top of the mountain. You open your eyes and see the bright full moon shining upon you. You feel relaxed and know that you have been blessed. You understand that the energy of peace, harmony, wisdom and self-worth which is now part of you, will work and support you when you use it for the highest good of you, and all. You bask in the beauty of the moonlight and find yourself back where you started.

– Please bring yourself back full into your consciousness and physical body. You are now ready to embark on the new journey of this new year with more confidence, self-worth, peace and wisdom.