Buck Moon

Male deer, which shed their antlers every year, begin to regrow them in July, hence the Native American name for July’s full moon, some refer to this moon as the thunder moon, due to the summer storms in this month. Other names include the hay moon, after the July hay harvest.

Full Buck Moon Journey with Merlin and the Rainbow Dragons

Find a comfy space where you won’t be disturbed and relax. Take this time for yourself.

Acknowledge your body and the great work it does every moment without any direction. It is a kind of divine alchemy. Allow yourself to connect to gratitude.

Bring awareness into your wise heart space. You can give the front and even the back of the

heart chakra a rub if this feels nice, to bring more energy and kindness here. Now relax your

hands and breathe into the heart space.

Taking a few slow, deep breaths, imagine your favourite colour as a beautiful energy in the

heart growing bigger with each in-breath and out-breath. Your aura is filling up with your

favourite colour, or colours, just right for you at this time. Exactly what you need.

Now send rainbow lights down from your heart, down through the solar plexus, the naval, the sacral, the base, the earth star chakra and also out through your feet as roots into the earth below. As you do this, these chakras awaken and expand in light.

Your roots of light travel down into the layers of the earth, the mycelium, rock, mineral, and

leylines and into Hollow Earth where they merge with a deep golden star that pulsates there. Hollow Earth connects joyfully with you and many divas and earth dragons are sending you light. Feel this going back up through your roots and all the way into your heart.

Now send love from your heart all the way up through the throat, third eye, crown, causal,

soul star and stellar gateway chakras into your I Am presence, your Monad, and to Source.

You are connected from Hollow Earth to Source by strong light threads and roots. You are

powerful and full of light.

Archangel Michael, Archangel Sandalphon and Archangel Zadkiel step forward and place

you in a pyramid of magical blue, violet and silver light for your total protection. Now they

bring an inverted pyramid that rises up over you. This then locks comfortably into the first

one creating a Merkabah of deep blue, violet and silver light. You are totally protected.

Archangel Michael’s deep blue dragons are swirling around you and the space you are in.

They protect you completely for a mile radius.

In an instant, Master Merlin is at your side, and he adds his electric blue light to your

shimmering Merkabah. You feel the heart-centred alchemy. Smile and relax your facial

muscles. Six rainbow dragons are approaching and they touch each of the six points of your

Merkabah with their light. Breathe that in. You are sparkling with magic and love.

Merlin and the rainbow dragons are bringing you to the portal of the moon so that you can

heal something that has been holding you back. Allow yourself to connect to something you

would love to release now. You have permission and the loving power to do this. You are

moving through space with Merlin and the dragons who are flying in front, at the side and

behind you. You are totally safe and relaxed.

The portal to the full moon is opening. It is pearlescent white light. The rainbow dragons are

swirling around the portal now, inviting you to walk through when you are ready. They tell

you as you do, that you can release this thing you would love to let go of for the highest good. Walk through the portal and feel Merlin’s loving energy all around you. You become lighter and lighter, and lighter as this thing is now safely and beautifully dropping away from you. It feels such a relief to let this go, and it’s the perfect time.

Rainbow lunar unicorns are at the other side of the portal, which has led you to a special

place. It’s full of silver moonlight and there are comfortable places to sit and lie, with silken

pillows and blankets for you to get cosy. Allow yourself to rest here and receive healing from

Merlin, your guardian angel, the rainbow lunar unicorns and the rainbow dragons. There are

many crystals too. Take some time here as this happens.

Imagine what you are bringing in, now that you have let that other thing go. What do you

now have space for that you didn’t before? What heart’s desire can now manifest?

It is time to come back through the portal, and Merlin takes you by the hand. Your guardian

angel is with you and you are still within your protective Merkabah, with a rainbow dragon at each point. You travel back through the starlit sky, all the way back safely to where you


As you prepare to come out of the meditation, ask your angels to help you to fully integrate

these new light levels that you have received, and the healing you have undergone, in the

perfect way for your soul’s highest good.

Now, open your eyes, and gently feel your feet on the floor. Wriggle your fingers and toes.

Let’s finish with a little Angel EFT. So, tap very softly on your collarbones while saying the

following powerful decree to consolidate the light work you have just completed:

I Am The Rainbow Fire of Source

I Am Archangel Metatron

I Am Merlin

I Am The Shekinah

I Am Divine Manifestation

I Am Infinite Source Light.

If you know tapping and you’d like to use some of the other tapping points as well, please go

ahead, and repeat the affirmation as many times as you feel you would like to.

Drink a long glass of water. Look at the moon if possible and thank Merlin, the rainbow dragons and all the helpers.