Meet Archangel Gabriel and receive clarity and guidance

1 Find a comfortable position, gently close your eyes and allow yourself to relax and unwind. Focus on your breath as it flows gently in and out. Let yourself relax deeper and deeper. Relaxing every part of your body. Your mind becomes calm.

2 Take your awareness to below your feet and visualise beautiful strong roots growing from your feet deep into the earth. They find effortlessly their way through the various layers of earth and winding themselves around the great crysal in the middle of the Earth.

3 Become aware of how the loving and nourishing crystalline light from Mother Earth is flowing upwards, easily and gently, along your roots, through your whole body and your higher chakras until it reaches Source.

4 Within this beautiful stream of energy, a golden ribbon flies from your heart up to Source and anchors itself in his heart. You are now connected from heart to heart with God, Source.

5 God, Source sends high-frequency, radiant light to you that enters through your upper chakras, flows through your whole body, and along your roots to the centre of the Earth. You may notice that everything is beginning to shine and sparkle.

6 You are now optimally and safely grounded and connected from heart to heart with Source.

7 Now ask Archangel Michael to place his deep blue protective cloak around you.

8 Call the Gold Ray of Christ three times for your total protection.

9 Invoke your guardian angel and know that he is with you.

10 Feel your Guardian Angel lovingly taking your hand, and he leads you to a beautiful meadow by a shimmering lake.

11 As you look around, you see pretty white flowers with golden shimmering centres. They bow and greet you warmly.

12 You feel peaceful and calm, and yet there is a growing sense of excitement because you know something wonderful is about to happen.

13 You notice a beautiful white glowing light it is approaching you … you realize it is Archangel Gabriel in white glowing robes. His wings are brightest white.

14 As you are standing there and enjoying this very special and powerful moment, Archangel Gabriel ask you to step into his shimmering white light.

15 Step into his white light of purity, clarity, joy, grace and guidance.

16 Feel Archangel Gabriel’s white light inside and around you. It purifies gently unwanted emotions and beliefs which are locked in your energy systems. Archangel Gabriel’s light illuminates your whole being to raise your frequency.

17 Now you can ask Archangel Gabriel to light up the symbols of your life’s work in your aura so you can attract the perfect people and opportunities. PAUSE

18 Archangel Gabriel offers guidance and help you to find your next step in your life.

19 You can ask Archangel Gabriel to give you clarity in any specific area of your life where you need his guidance.

20 Tell him your request telepathically …..

21 Now, listen to his guidance and his special message for you.. ….. PAUSE

22 You feel fully restored and clear now, and with all your heard thank Archangel Gabriel for this wonderful time and all that you have received.

23 You say good bye. He smiles and steps back.

24 Your guardian angel is taking you by the hand and together you return.

On the way you can see the shining Full Moon rise over the landscape.

25 As you walk back from the meadow with your Guardian Angel you know that you may return to this magical place at any time to meet Archangel Gabriel to get guidance in this special times.

26 Slowly return with your consciousness into your room where you started.

27 You may want to bring your aura in a little bit … your chakras remain open and continue radiating their magnificent light.

28 You remember your roots connecting you deep into the Earth.

You know you are well protected by Archangel Michael’s blue cloak.

You are enfolded in the Gold Ray of Christ.

29 When you are ready start moving and gently open your eyes.